Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Just saw this one on DVD. Good, cheesy action fun, with some funny moments. Always like Vince Vaughn, and glad a semi-expected twist didn’t manifest in this movie. Angelina Jolie is almost unreal hot. Definitely can’t blame Brad for the trade-up from Jen Aniston here.

Trade up? That’s like saying you traded up to a red Corvette from a black Corvette. :lol:

PS. I’d be very willing to take that old used black Corvette any day.

Best minivan car chase ever. Also, watching them beat the crap out of each hand-to-hand was more fun than I can explain.

Look, just becase you go from 8.5 to 11 doesn’t mean you didn’t trade up.

Good God, comparing any of those women to a Corvette is just…bad. Any guy with a mullet and medallions and a half-way decent job can afford a Corvette. Methinks those women are a tad bit harder to get than a Vette.

Yeah, I saw it in theaters myself when it came out. Good date movie, as it turns out. =)

That was a great, fun movie. And yes, the minivan chase scene kicked ass. <insert joke about women driving minivans here>.

I will come down on the loved it side of things as well. Both of them were great in their roles and some of the “relationship issues” are so true to life that they played for comedy. Its on my must buy list.

And Angelina Jolie blows Jennifer away - period :)

I really enjoyed it too. Great popcorn.


The only thing I didn’t like was the final battle which just struck me as lame and out of place for some reason. I liked all the action prior to it, so I’m not sure what it was that really made it jar. Maybe it took itself too seriously at that point. Anyone else feel it was incongruous? I would have rather they had their Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid moment, burst out, and cut straight to the epilogue with the marriage counsellor.


Yeah, it bugged me too, but for a different reason. The Smith’s are contract killers. The assassins coming after them are also contract killers. The Smith’s wear body armor. The assassins don’t. The Smith’s hit what they aim at. The assassins don’t. Etc.

It felt cheap. I wanted to see them win because they were clever, not because they were better shots and had better equipment. Silly ending.

Spoilers. Be warned

Is anyone else really, really tired of super ultra mega cool contract killers with super high tech devices? And how killing people again, and again, and again is somehow glamourous and stylish? I mean, this movie takes every cliche in the book and hammers it until it’s dead, dead, dead.

It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the movie, I did, it was good entertainment for an evening. It’s just that I really wish this genre would go away.

On an unrelated note, the ending sucks so bad it hurts. If they didn’t want them to go out guns blazing they should have changed the bloody setup. Idiots.

Nope. Of course, I’m also still not sick of reading picture books about grown adults putting on costumes to beat the crap out of each other, so YMMV and all that.

But but but at some point, off screen, they were actually fucking. Once, so loud, somebody called the cops on them. Come on, what’s not to like?

Thanks for putting that into words.

Everything great about B Movies that Tarantino brought to the screen a decade ago has been so pumped up and overdone until only the lousy plots and the big budgets remain.

I don’t know, I kinda view Joline as a downgrade from Aniston. Anyone who publicly slinks all over Billy Bob Thornton as he boasts about nailing her in the limousine on the way to the event is just used goods in my book. And, well, her lips creep me out.

Decent movie, though. Reminded me that I actually like Pitt as an actor.