Mr. Lee CatCam

Digital camera pics from a cat’s eye view:

Woah that’s pretty cool. Check out the snake on the 3rd page.

That is awesome.

I love it. Can’t wait to see how it develops. Too bad my new busy location has demoted my own surveycatbots to indoor units.

Yeah, thats cooler than it sounds. All pretty good.

So awesome, but that guy is going to be targetted by the feline overlords. He’s seen too much.

A couple of those shots made me think of playing a facehugger in AvP2 multiplayer.

“Oh, he likes you Burke!”


Completely awesome, I love it.

Totally unrelated, but when Aliens first came out, I saw Paul Reiser and Sigourney Weaver on some morning show. She was giving him a hard time for defending Burke’s behavior, which he kept trying to softpedal. Yeah, he didn’t win that argument.

Upon further reflection, I believe only one of my feline surveybots is actually worthy of the field. Even though she is on reserve, my smaller unit is a well-accomplished advanced scout and proved it again when she escaped for several hours today. Sadly, we will never recover whatever data she bothers to capture as she is not a stupid spy-turned-blogger like “Mr. Lee”. We’ll need the neural interface but of course, we’ll never conquer her quantum entanglement cryptography. My other unit, on the other hand, still doesn’t believe that “Outside” is anything more than a really great bathroom, so he might have been well suited for dining room and kitchen survey jobs, if he (a) didn’t eat any lucky proceeds so quickly or (b) as is usually the case, weren’t always running away from an angry foot or hand.

Got mine today. Still wrestling with a few issues (it’s a slightly modified VistaQuest 1005). Date/time stamps are all 3/30/2005 and snapshots are taken at over two minute intervals which I would like to change. The official documentation could use some love from a good tech writer who knows a little German, and email responses are hit or miss right now. And the Mr. Lee board is, at the moment, a spam-infested anti-knowledgebase.

The photo quality itself, as far as I can tell, is pretty good under the circumstances but this is still overpowered by current shooting conditions (~40 degrees today) and a photographer who was surprisingly lackadaisical and/or uninspired. Then again, it could have been the battery which I’m replacing for tomorrow’s shoot. If the quality remains at today’s level for too long, I may consider letting loose a few hundred rodents every few days or so in the neighbors’ yards. Among other things that could provide wonderful footage for a pet-starring home-made snuff horror project. Just kidding, I wouldn’t actually do that.

Edit: This reminds me of a cat I owned a couple years ago for about six months who was rarely home and developed a terrible reputation in the suburban neighborhood elderly population. Small birds were a huge part of their daily life and according to eye witnesses, Cosmo single-handedly reduced the population by about 80%. Even our own yard, at times, was littered with carcasses. I jokingly called it the Aztec temple. The old folks repeatedly threatened, through the grapevine, to shoot the cat if I didn’t lock him in. What I would have given to see shots of his misadventures with unsuspecting birds and angry old people. Eventually he moved out for his own reasons and left no forwarding address. Once a stray, always a stray, sometimes.

This is the awesomest invention ever.

Wowza. That’s lame.

You need to get a flickr account set up with some pics when you get a chance. I would love to see them.

Not worth it until the photographers get it together and produce something worth looking at. I love looking at the images, but that’s only because I know who took them and enjoy imagining the world from their perspective. But here are a few examples from today.

Many of the shots with the female long-hair were angled toward the sky because of her luxurious chest fur, or toward the fur itself. The shots that came out better, however, were repetitions of the exact same scenes of my deck and carport.

I’m taking my chances and putting the other one on the job tomorrow. He’s taller and less furry, for one thing. The thing is, even though the male is taller and has short fur, he’s also more likely to ditch the camera. And he usually hates being outdoors for longer than it takes to eat some grass and go to the bathroom and/or throw up the grass.

Maybe when the weather improves one of them will get the itch to roam a little further and have adventures.

Also, the camera is a total energy hog. I’m using Eveready Gold Alkaline (AAA) but wonder if I can get more out of another brand or maybe a rechargeable.

Edit: Frankly, I’m wondering if I can find some other similar camera and achieve my goals more effectively and efficiently. If anyone knows of any small cheapo digitals that have automatic settings, let me know.

I would love to put one of these things on my Siamese. Someone would probably steal it so it’s not that much of an option.

Now they just need to add a GPS.

You might want to keep an eye out for windows mobile phones that might be small enough. You could probably program them to take snaphots however/whenever you want, including movies. No idea if they make em small enough to work, maybe a blackjack? Too big? I know my 8525 would probably choke a bitch err cat.

I didn’t see this the first time round - very cool!