Mr. Lutes

Is the Jason Lutes of this respectable forum the same who I saw credited on a book in my comic shop today? It was black/blue, smaller than most American books, and I think it was called “Berlin”… just checking, anyhow.

Yes, that’s him. To paraphrashe JFK, “Er ist ein Berlinverfasser.”

The first part of Berlin is collected in a TPB called Berlin - City of Stones, and he has also written (and drawn, of course) the excellent Jar of Fools.

From the old boards:

I just finished Berlin: City of Stones today and went looking on Amazon for the next volume, but there wasn’t one.

So, uh, how long do I have to wait?

Get writing Mr. Lutes!

Well, I just picked up issue 12 at the comic book store. Will be four more I suppose before the collection. So a year, year and a half?

Hey guys –

I’m hard at work on Berlin: City of Smoke right now, and am on schedule to complete it by January of '07. The book should be on shelves by mid-2007, with chapters 13-16 coming out bi-monthly from late '06 until the book’s release. I also wrote a young adult graphic novella for Hyperion/Scholastic that’s slated for later this year, which is part of the reason for my slowness. That and trying to get Oblivion to work on my crappy computer.

Thanks for the attention! Surprised, humbled, etc.

Fag. You penned a neat comic and didn’t whore yourself like Gillen? Whatever, I’m buying your GN anyway, out of pure spite.

Not really.

(perks up) Details?

He describes it as “a cross between Alan Moore’s Promethea and Judy Blume’s Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret”.

If only!

My friend James Sturm sold Scholastic on the idea of a line of comics “biographies” of Americans in history, but he wants them to be something different than the usual dull illustrated life surveys that we’ve seen before. So the first book, the one I wrote, is about Houdini, and covers about six hours of the day in 1908 that he jumped into the Charles River in shackles and leg irons.

The artist is Nick Bertozzi, who’s mostly done his own indie comics and some cool stuff for Nickelodeon Magazine. I’m pretty happy with the results – where he altered my breakdowns it was always for the better – but at 86 spare pages it might feel a little short for someone expecting a really meaty story. I believe the second book in the series will be about Satchel Paige, which should be very cool. And then in fall of 2007 I’ll be teaching a class at the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont where I’ll take the students through the creation of one of these books from the ground up.