Mr. Mercedes on Audition

This is a based on a Stephen King novel and I just sort of assumed it would be crap. My wife wanted to watch though so I gave it a chance and wow it’s really good. It’s very timely in a disturbing sort of way though (not deliberately but you’ll see what I mean) .

The synopsis is as generic as you can get. Retired cop haunted by “that last case”. Brendan Gleeson is the lead and quite good. His neighbor is awesome it’s really one of those shows that just nails the characters and dialog.

It’s on Audition which I guess is AT&T and only on DirecTv but I saw the first two episodes are up for free streaming.

I liked the book Mr. Mercedes. I thought the second book, Finders Keepers was less successful. I disliked End of Watch quite a bit because what started as a decent and grounded detective story ended up back in supernatural territory.