Mr President: Is GMT's sprawling solitaire boardgame unimpeachable or a one-termer?

I got my copy of Mr President a few days ago. I don’t have a resolute desk so i was going between TTS and Vassal to pick a good candidate for saving the board state. I think I’m leaning towards vassal. Thank you @B_Dog for the tips about the markers. I went through what i thought was the startup and i think i got most of it but im not quite sure. It was a weeknight after work so i didn’t have the required ambition just then.

The only other solitaire game I have where you run a nation is Commancheria. I think Joel Toppen has that down and I really hope he keeps making games. It is interesting to see the difference in fesign philosophy. I know the challenges of each setting is vastly different but Joel has a good balance of abstraction and complexity and the big concern I have with Mr President is that it’s just too much. My most played strategy game is Crusader Kings 3 so I do like crunchy games, maybe just not on a tabletop. Mr President might be ia little too fiddly and might be something better made in the virtual space. I do have to be careful what I say there because even in digital war and strategy games i appreciate an elegance of design. I can’t really get into a Gary Grigsby game because I don’t want to do a day by day shop by ship plan for the Pacific Theater of World War 2. I much more appreciate the UI and basic rules of something like Warplan.

That was a little disjointed ramble there but if i have a solo boardgame experience to report soon it might be Commancheria rather than Mr President.