Mr President: Is GMT's sprawling solitaire boardgame unimpeachable or a one-termer?

Ooh, that looks potentially nifty. I’d love to hear more if you’re so inclined?

On the Mr. President front, I’ve finally started playing in earnest after spending several days reading rules, flipping through charts, and examining chit distributions. It’s basically just a massive flowchart, which is okay with me.

But what’s not okay with me is the subpar quality control: there are far too many typos, some of which introduce rules discrepancies among the components (e.g. the board refers to one things, but the player aid refers to something else). I can suss out the intent for most of these, but it’s disappointingly sloppy, and it’s exactly the kind of sloppiness that’s liable to break the brittle scripting. So, basically, at this point I’d recommend anyone who’s interested in Mr. President and has the patience to wait for a second edition should wait for a second edition. : (

That said, it’s kind of cool to watch all the tracks and chits move around as you execute the flow charts within flow charts within flow charts. Sure enough, things will happen! Many of them resemble headlines! In my first year in office, a massive skirmish with China broke out, and I rolled a “victory”, which helped my public approval rating, but it totally scuttled our previously solid relationship with China and introduced tension among my Pacific allies (I might see what war with China looks like). Meanwhile, increased oil production in Canada and the Gulf States has eroded Russia’s influence in the Middle East and Europe, and had a negative impact on Russia’s economy. And I’m about to head into a legislative session to pass welfare reform, as per my campaign promise. Wish me luck!