Mr Robot on USA

Cool looking TV show, reminds me of Enemy of the State… but the good guys are like Anonymous Hackers vs Bankers Illuminati etc.

check it out! love the premise. plus its got the guy from The Pacific, who reminds me of the Jim Caviezel in Person of Interest.

I’m always in for good conspiracy shows… wish that Rubicon never ended… check that one out if you missed it.

Watched the trailer and was rather disappointed. Where was the robot?

Domo arigato.

This could be fun - it’s been awhile since I have had a cool USA character-driven show to look forward to (since Psych, but I used to really enjoy Burn Notice and Monk and such). This looks a little darker (as well as more serialized?) but it also seemed like it would be worth checking out, thanks for putting this on my radar.

I expected this to be horrible but it was better than Psyche and the lot, better than Burn Notice, actually has cinematography, interesting structure in the storytelling, distinctive sound design, not every actor looks like a model. What the world. I literally stopped halfway through and double checked the show was on the USA network and not FX or AMC.

Even the hacking technobabble wasn’t bad.

First episode is youtube:

This is my favorite new show, kicking iZombie down a notch. I realize it’s only one episode but damn I hope it can keep this up. It’s like Dexter crossed with The Matrix crossed with The Sopranos crossed with 70s style urban paranoia(Three Days of the Condor, The Conversation, etc). The lead actor is very good, he’s way different than what you usually see as the protagonist and he’s compelling, even with all the issues his character is dealing with. He’s alienated but not in a way that alienates me as an audience member watching this. The show’s humor is my type of humor too, “I’m okay with it being awkward between us” hahaha! Comedy gold.

The production values are pretty amazing. I felt like I was watching a movie not a tv show.


Pilot Episode Spoilers

The opening lines of the series are:

Hello friend. Maybe I should give you a name but you’re only in my head, we have to remember that. I’m talking to an imaginary person.

So it looks like they going for a fight club thing, where Mr Robot and Elliot are the same character? The README message contains the ‘fuck society’ thing which is a prominent thought he had only in his internal monolog. He’s leaving a message for his other self. I was watching the interactions closely and especially the one where the girl who wrote the rootkit calls him a dickhead. The girl gives him an incredulous look at his initial question and then goes, “Cut the bullshit” – a perfect reaction if he is Mr Robot and she think he’s fucking around. Mr Robot also smokes, though possibly just a minor coincidence.

I loved the way they shot the final scene.

One of things that intrigues me about this show is the potential it has to go in different directions, the above spoiler is one possible example. Even if it doesn’t go there, I do think there’s some kind of unreliable narrator thing going on.

Robot Spoilers

I rewatched some scenes on youtube. The scene where Elliot first enters the hideout – it’s actually pretty clear that there’s just one person standing there. The person who opens the door clearly looks only at Elliot. Pretty good job, it’s fairly subtle but the illusion holds up in that I didn’t really start looking closely for it until the second hideout scene.

Watched the pilot last night. This show is amazing! It definitely has a Fight Club feel with a potentially unreliable narrator. I can’t wait for the next episode.

Yeah, enjoying it so far. It’s no Blackhat, but for USA channel, streets ahead of their average fare, which has always topped out “fun but forgettable” at best.

Yeah it makes Psyche and Royal Pains and all the other typical USA stuff look like an after school special.

Just saw the pilot. The only explanation as to why a show this good is on USA is some kind of vast, shadowy conspiracy.

Episode 2 was equally outstanding. This has gone from “what’s that?” to “best show on TV” for me in the past 3 days.

This is the only Mr. Robot in my life

Yeah agreed. I mean I’ve loved this last year of superhero shows, and I enjoy my fun regulars like Defiance and the like. But this show is on another level entirely. Best thing this year, easily. Absolutely wonderful script, direction, cinematography, acting, the works.

I’m glad to see they aren’t shying away from some of the seedier elements they had in the premiere. Also the humor is still there “And I’ll tweet but only if I like it. I only have 48 followers but it’s growing.” lol

It’s really a remarkable show that just came out of nowhere. Quaro got it right, the second episode made it clear, once I knew what to look for.

Watching the pilot right now, and I’m liking it a lot. The lead actor is great at playing an alienated loner.

Ugh, I do wish that the Christian Slater character hadn’t spouted that nonsense about the gold standard.

Wow, glad I stumbled on this show, I hadnt heard much about it until now. So far, 2 episodes in, its excellent. Its got a real Fight Club/Beautiful Minds meets Hackers vibe going.

Christian Slater can ruin anything.