Mr Robot on USA


Still enjoying this show. This episode followed on nicely from the earlier ones, and the season is looking great so far.

DB Wong is the best.


Er, B.D., but you’re right he is great. How the heck does he look so young? He’s older than I am (by about a half year)! Grumble grumble grumble.


Second season has been just so-so so far but I give them major props for including a song by Television tonight.


Just watching the start of the episode tonight–pretty bizarre.


I was kind of annoyed at the way it started and it felt like filler, but what a pay off.

The car accident… lol.
Angela’s incursion, my heart was pumping.
The dark army interference.

Obviously not as enjoyable for everyone, but your loss :-)


I’m liking the second season better than the first season. Mainly because the filler of season 2 is alot more interesting. I also like the FBI agent, who is actually Meryl Streeps daugher, weird when i first saw her was like ‘that actress looks like a young hot Meryl Streep!’


Interesting about the actress that plays Dom, although Meryl Streep was way hotter at her daughter’s current age–I’m thinking of what she looked like in Sophie’s Choice. Not to mention Meryl Streep’s incredible talent for accents and language*, evident in that film and in many since.

*I was blown away by how well she spoke German in that film.


Finally convinced my gf to go in on this show with me while we were at my parents’ house early last month and totally bored out of our skulls. She waffled on hating and loving it for awhile (apparently some of the dialog in S1 is “painfully dumb”), but she stuck it out for about 3 episodes and got hooked.

Which was nice, because it finally gave me the impetus to push on past the 6th ep of last season (what Vera did, uh. . .hit me pretty hard. I actually put the show down after that and never went back).

In any case, we’ve finally “caught up,” and I already miss the ability to binge on. S2 thus far has been absolutely fantastic, IMO, and we’ve found ourselves just as confused and eager to discuss theories as we were during the first season (mind, I had to keep my yap shut for the first half its episodes, haha).

Rami Malek is a god, but frankly, Doubleday, Slater, Chiakin, and all the rest are just as on-point. Music’s fantastic, directing is out of this world. The “spoof” opener this week was a great turn from where we left the last ep.

And, of course, now I am railing against the interminable passage of time, waiting for Wednesday next. Damn!


Just an FYI if any of you like this kind of show, I’d recommend the one season of Rubicon. It has a similar tone and feel to this show. It was cancelled by AMC after one season but the first season does have an ending so it doesn’t leave you hanging. The show is 13 episodes. Really good show about a foreign policy think tank.


I miss Rubicon. :(


Yeah, I watched Rubicon as well, and was pretty disappointed when it was cancelled.


They even did the “Showtime” Bud Light commercial. The whole gimmick was incredibly indulgent, but the justification later was actually touching.


Apparently, like most things in the show, a ton of thought/time went into getting the opener to Ep6 “right,” down to literally hiring the duo who wrote most of the classic TGIF sitcom jingles to do the music.

The more I read about him, the more I think that Esmail is probably maddening to work for. . . but I’m so fucking glad that talented people continue to choose to do so as this show goes on.


Ha, I love the money line from that article:

So despite the fact that ALF was involved in this act of vehicular manslaughter, we made sure to stay true to the character.

Esmail definitely seems like one of those meticulous types like V. Gilligan and M. Weiner who think everything out to the tiniest detail.


That Scandinavian actress has a lovely set of teeth.


So, um, what the hell just happened?

How far back was he actually arrested? For working on the black market site? For (apparently) killing the E-Corp guy? For being involved in knifing 5 people? I’m completely lost now.


All season. It’s been a common speculation that he was either in prison or a mental institution for a while now. Ray was likely a guard or warden at the prison.


I like the theory that he’s in prison due to his hacking of the psychiatrist’s boyfriend. They did give some screen time to the dude being on the warpath about it.


Remind me of who the psychiatrist’s BF was in this episode?
Did anyone else spot the actor who played one of the husbands on Desperate Housewives and who had played the token gay character on Melrose Place way back in the mid '90’s?


No, I’m usually pretty good about those sorts of things. Where was he?