Mr Robot on USA


I’ve got no idea where this show is going, but I can’t wait to find out. I think that there’s no way to tell at this point why he’s in prison.


I don’t wanna step on your excitement, but for me, the answer to “where is this show going” is “over a shark in a dream”. But Alan Sepinwall did an interview with Sam Esmail that I found pretty interesting – Esmail and I have two very different perspectives on storytelling.


He hasn’t appeared this season at all. But towards the end of last season, there was a scene where he meets with the doctor. He was trying to enlist her support for getting Eliot arrested.

Since that never went anywhere, but Eliot is suddenly in jail, it fits. I predict we’ll see a glimpse of that scene in a “previously on Mr Robot” segment.


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He hasn’t appeared this season at all. But towards the end of last season, there was a scene where he meets with the doctor. He was trying to enlist her support for getting Eliot arrested.[/quote]

IIRC, at the end of the last season, the married guy Krista was seeing remarks that the trail leading to Elliot dead ends in Estonia, and unless something happens to the regulations there, he’s basically out of luck. But later we see him watching TV coverage of the Fsociety hack talking about the collapse of Estonia and he’s all gobsmacked. So yeah, given that Leon says that Elliot should get a letter in a week and he should agree to it, it sounds an awful lot like he’s getting out soon, which I think would be impossible if he was put there for what he did to Evil Corp or for the murder of Tyrell Wellick, so that little bit of hacking totally fits.


Yep. It seemed like they were building that up to go somewhere but it was never mentioned again.This show is directed too tightly for that to be “filler”.

The letter is definitely a release/parole. Krista congratulates him on it after all.




Does anyone watch this show with closed captioning on? For some reason the captions show in various sizes depending on their position on the screen. Also sometimes there are captions for dialog that isn’t spoken. This is the only show that does this for me. I thought it was just a weird anomaly but now I’m wondering if this is just another way that the show is trying to fuck with its audience.


And nothing, as I said, didn’t want to step on your excitement. Thought it was interesting that at same time as you were fully locked in I was fully disconnecting from the show.


Is there anything there that we non-closed caption readers are missing that adds anything important?


Nope, just a few comments here and there. I’ve seen this with a few other movies but I’ve never seen the CC font manipulation. It’s so weird, but the show seems determined to break as many aspects of the fourth wall as possible.


I stopped mentioning disappointment with things after Prometheus came out. Any time people who liked the movie are discussing it, all the negative people who hated it will step the excitement down with outrage about how the movie wasn’t tailored to their pet peeves. It’ll just drown out everything with a lack of acceptance that they can just forget about the movie and leave it to the people who did like it, instead of parroting on about what it could have been.

Now I just accept that if I don’t like something, it’s not really worth mentioning and that it doesn’t add anything. But there’s a world of difference between your comment, and the fervent raging of Prometheus haters, of course.


Yeah, I was thinking about the No Man’s Sky discourse as I was commenting, honestly, wasn’t gonna post but I thought the interview was good fodder for fans and critics.



I was hardcore on the Mental Institution side of the Mental Institution vs. Prison debate with my gf (though things faltered for me as Ray’s character grew darker as the season progressed). Never fun to be proven wrong :P

I did enjoy the article that Mr_Zero linked above–good insight from both Esmail and Seipenwall. Glad to have had the chance to read it so close to having watched the ep.

Still trying to puzzle out the effectiveness of Angela’s tactics here, and whether or not it’s all considered, or by-the-seat-of-her-pants. The bravado, confidence, and direct openness of her interactions within and outside of Evil Corp are pretty refreshing in one sense (it’s good to see a character take charge), but the hardcore shutdown from her new boss in the Director’s Meeting in the latest episode certainly showed the inherent weakness of the approach: eventually, you bull-rush someone who doesn’t back down.


But hey, at least she got shrimp cocktail! That’s a win.

I wasn’t sure what was going on with Elliot this season but I did get a prison vibe from the various set pieces in his life of structure so I kind of fell on the prison side over the mental institution. It will be interesting ride as they show the reality of what Elliot’s been going through compared to his fantasized version.


The editing and effects on the last few minutes of this past week’s episode were fantastic. I had seen mention of the fan theories weeks ago and it didn’t come as a surprise, but it was done well. It’s been a great season so far, and I am really looking forward to the next few weeks.

Angela thought she was a player but she has essentially been played by everyone this entire time (except for Elliot I suppose), and she finally had her Icarus moment. I wonder what she will do with the FBI.

I also get a kick out of when they manipulate real news footage. Have some balls, Mr. Speaker!


The most recent episode was my favorite of the season so far and didn’t have Elliot in it and I don’t think those two things are coincidental.


It was the favorite of my gf and I despite the lack of Elliott (who we both still enjoy a lot). That shit was intense as hell. We kept declaring “This is it, man! S/he’s about to get Dark Armied!” for more or less the entire episode.


Stressful episode! Lots of actors had the week off, which was nice for them I’m sure. Really liked the Easter eggs (Young Guns poster, Berenstain timeline paradox), the ice cold OO autoreply, and the drunken Tears for Fears cover.


Another good episode for me. I’m not quite sure I understood the ending. Is he her husband? I thought there were pictures of her husband on the news.

Oh, going on mrrobot subreddit, ollie is name he gave her at end of season 1 when he met her with the stroller or something. No big mystery, other than why she is there.


Yes, though in that sidewalk scene it seemed she had seen him before. Funnily enough if you missed it, Ollie is the name of Angela’s ex-boyfriend.