Mr Robot on USA


Remind me, who was RT again? They keep mentioning him/her.


Pretty sure it’s the Rat Tailed hacker guy from earlier. The internet isn’t suggesting anything else to me, so I’m sticking with that.


That’s correct. We assume he’s dead, or maybe just scalped (ewww).


Wow, I’m just not picturing the guy for some reason. Maybe I was conking out in front of the TV when he was killed/scalped. What’s the name of the current dude who hangs out with Darlene all the time and is kinda/sorta her SO? Isn’t he the one who gave Angela and her then-SO the music CD with the Dark Army computer virus on it?


We only saw RT twice: when Ray’s thug was beating him in front of his family, and when he an Eliott were having a clandestine notepad conversation in Ray’s office.

Darlene’s “boyfriend” is Cisco. And you’re correct on all counts.


Wow. What a place to end the episode. They take their cliffhangers seriously…


The direction of this episode was masterful. The last 15 minutes was a drip-drip-dripping of increasing tension and dread. So much to parse.


That was fantastic. The way they filmed the last shot was a little bit of a spoiler as to what might happen but great episode. Really looking forward to see where they go with this, I really couldn’t guess it. This is one of the great things about the show, it is very difficult to predict the direction of the story. I stay away from internet fan theories as well which helps.


This show is a roller coaster. I love that it is selfconscious of wanting to be a moral tale, but at the same time wants to be a fun ride. The creators definitely want to show that our current world is fucked up, but they don’t completely dismiss it since they partly romanticize the underdog that is part of that system. I just love the beginning dialogue of the rich asshole from Rubicon playing almost the same character, basically playing the devil, and the next scene is of lipstick wife while punk metal screamo playing. There’s alot of this in season 2 that i like.

Its kind of eerie the talk of Obama and Trump in this last episode… the tone is dismissive of the whole system, not from the characters but from the writers themselves. Kind of like how alot of ppl actually love the Joker from The Dark Knight. Embracing Anarchy.


My love for this show throbbed ever more urgently when there was a subtle (?) callout to HARDWARE an episode back. That, my friends, is Geek Cred.


Amazing episode. Sam Esmail is approaching Vince Gilligan levels of attention to detail. I feel compelled to rewind and pause any tech screens shown (LOL at some of the wifi network names in Elliot’s list after he hacks together the cantenna). Also, shout out to Microcenter!


This has been a great season. Its been a bit convoluted but they have done an excellent job of justifying that. The last two episodes in particular have been absolutely fantastic. Its not just the story but how Esmail delivers it. His use of audio and musical cues is fascinating and he does an excellent job of framing things in a way that adds to the tension through the viewers discomfort. I was afraid that they had shot their wad in season one by both revealing Elliots condition and triggering the hack. And yet they have made it work and made the show even stronger. One last cool thing. They ended last season with a banging on Elliots door and the big question was, who was it? Was it Tyrell? Darlene? The Dark Army? Then when season 2 started, they time jumped and skipped right past that, leaving us hanging. I wondered when they would address that door knock and they finally did. Nice job of bringing that back just when it had pretty much slipped my mind. Im beginning to think that season 2 may be even better than season one.


Good lord that was intense.

Was on a Calc-fueled binger most of my free time the last few nights, so the lady-friend and I just finally caught this. Last 5 minutes were just carpet-gripping tension (we watch curled up on the run in front of the TV, of course).

The unceasing dramatic beat of that looped music in the last few scenes was particularly great. Interesting choice, but they pulled it off. But everything. The crosswalk countdown, the framing of the shots, the kiss. . . just. . . damn son.

I want to find Sam Esmail and give him all of my monies.


What did I just watch? Strange episode. And dammit, I still don’t know Darlene’s fate.


That right there was some David Lynchian shit. I enjoy this show quite a bit but it really loses me when it does this indulgent, pretentious crap.


I strongly suspect that she’s alive and in FBI custody. Dom really wanted to conduct some interview when her boss forced her to go home and get some rest, and from the previous episode, I don’t think Cisco would have been in any condition to use his head for anything.


Yeah, that seemed over-indulgent even by Mr. Robot standards.


The Angela scene was also missing Mr. Robot’s usual careful eye for detail. Presumably the point ot the Commodore was to make the girl remind Angela of herself at a young age (as part of the test) … but Angela is a child of the CD-ROM era, not the floppy one.


Maybe they just wanted the sound of loud grinding floppy drives as part of the psychological brain-screw. White Rose’s watch beeping throughout the interview made me want to strangle her. I can see why Phillip Price got all spittle-spewing monologuing at her a few episodes ago.


I assume everyone noticed that all the songs in the episode was from the Back to the Future?