Mr Robot on USA


The first two episodes of the third season are good, I think maybe they creators had an awakening in the second season where they lost a sizable amount of audience.


I watched the first episode last night. Amazing! I just love the way they frame the shots on this show, and the people on it are incredibly good. They have a lot to work with, though. I have enjoyed the writing all the way through.

I think my favorite part of this episode is how it is now perfectly clear that Elliot is the hero AND he’s the villain and yet he’s also being manipulated. I loved the way Angela and him interacted as both personalities. I feel like she’s got a bigger agenda here than just bringing down Evil Corp and I also think she’s a “good guy” at the end of the day. We’ll see. I was giddy though when Elliot went from Josh Groban shirt to the black hoodie. It was like watching a superhero put on his costume. So freaking awesome! WTF was up with that bit with BD Wong’s character looking out the window at that gigantic apparatus?!??!


That sequence felt straight outta Edgar Wright’s playbook. It was great.


Ep 3 answers a ton of questions and inserts our skeevy NY cop dude into a lot of backstory. I liked it a lot, though, and Wallstrom was excellent throughout. Just the right kind of crazy indeed.

I’m still a little put out about the resolution to the storyline with his wife, and admittedly, by now, Dark Army is feeling powerful and omnipresent enough to make any hope of actually working against them seem pointless, but there’s a LOT good here.

@DaveLong, re your last question about the giant apparatus:

BD Wong’s character, White Rose, has been obsessed with the concept of alternate worlds and travel between them/manipulation of fate for a long time now. There was a cute visual reference in her big house party where she met Streep-The-Younger’s FBI agent to an anime about time travel/alternate worlds (Stein’s Gate), too. AKA, lots of little nuggets throughout the run about White Rose obsessively seeking bridges between realities/ways to manipulate time/fate itself. The transgender nature of the character suits this idea of duality/alternate selves well. I think the gigantic apparatus, which needs a nuclear power plant’s level of wattage to operate and that Dark Army wants to relocate to the Congo to keep it more secret, is his grand dream. I don’t think this necessarily means that travel between worlds is possible or that they exist at all, but clearly, despite all the power White Rose has amassed in this world, she is willing to risk all of it for the enterprise at the Washington Township plant, and this machine must be the realization of all her efforts. What that will be exactly remains to be seen :)


I trust the writers enough of this show that it isn’t just ‘We didn’t know what to do with her, so killed her off’.

Considering the last epsiode was all about Tyrell Wellick and about how his wife and child are a motivation to him, I expect him to freak the hell out.


Sorry, I was trying to be vague for spoiler-phobic folks.

But now that it’s out there, let me be specific:

Stephanie Corneliussen is literally one of the most gorgeous women in the universe and I am going to really miss having her being a terrifying force of personality and will on this show going forward.


Jebus guys, I can’t believe no one thought anything was worth discussing about last week’s show. Big doings!


I am waiting to watch with my gf, but have heard exciting things. The single-take ep last week was insanely great, though.


Was it really a single take? Wow, the things you don’t notice as a casual viewer (who’s usually glancing down at his food while watching).


In a technical sense, no, there were plenty of quick, carefully disguised cuts, but it was presented as a continuous take, which really added this surreal layer to it the longer it didn’t break.


I’m three behind. I am loving this season so far though. Tyrell the woodsman was awesome.


I just watched the last episode.

There is something that I didn’t like it, and it’s the fact that the thrill of seeing if he will able to stop the Dark Army/Mr. Robot or not is lost. Of course he won’t be able. He is fighting a fucking superpower nation. Having just a few days, they were able to plan and execute 73 simultaneous terrorist attacks across all USA. He never stood a chance of stopping them.He can hack all he wants and then the enemy show up and blow up an entire building through force.
It’s way above his weight level.


Wow, this last week’s show was messed up. I wonder if Streep the Younger is going to figure it out. Of course, figuring out and bringing the big fish responsible to justice are two different things for the reasons @TurinTur mentioned.


I was totally blown away (pun not intended) by how that played out. I also loved seeing Elliot fighting with Mr Robot in real time. Reminded me a lot of Fight Club.


I only noticed this recently, but the casting of Rami Malek and Carly Chaikin as brother and sister was pretty inspired. There’s a real resemblance there.


Just caught up on season three, I forgot how good the writing is in this show. Even if this episode tried to play Spielbergesque on our feelings it was still very heartfelt and enjoyable.


Dammit, are the bad guys…

going to kill Darlene too? C’mon, that’s some bullshit.


I just caught up and watched through the finale. Holy shit, that was an amazing season. I couldn’t believe how much BIG stuff happened in that final episode.


Yes, my partner and I finally caught up and that finale was fucking nutballs insane. Some huge body blows to core elements of the show one after the other. I did call the Price reveal about five seconds before they dropped it. Heh.


Is there a way to stream this? I ended up deleting most of this season on my DVR to free up space.