Mr Robot on USA


Yep, gotta agree with you. That dropped the show quite a few notches… Lets hope it was just a momentary blip and won’t return.


It was a difficult episode to watch at times, but I liked it. The whole drug culture bit is hard to take in and disturbing at best. It bent reality quite a bit more than the show has done so far but there was a lot of stuff involving Elliots friends and associates that Im sure will prove to be important down the road. It does look like the hacker who was typing in chinese has at least a peripheral connection to fsociety and may be part of the “plan”


I actually kind of liked it, and I never like dream sequences.

Plus, the show referenced itself, or what it aspires to be, in a nice bit of recursion. For extra bonus points it did it while showing clips from Hackers.


Junkies are tedious. Although I certainly didn’t mind Portia Doubleday making out with the self-assured drug dealer chick.



There were multiple points during the drug sequence that I found myself checking the clock to see how much more episode I had to get through, but it picked back up alright after that.

And yes, the “rapper” who hacked Ollie/Angela is wrapped up in the Chinese hacking conglomerate everyone’s so afraid of. His alliance with fsociety seems more like an interest in holding Darlene’s attention than any real investment in their plans, and his “bosses” care even less about fsociety’s mission. I suspect the hack on Ollie/Angela would have proceeded either way; the rapper’s familiarity with Allsafe via Darlene probably just helped them find an easy “in.”


Hmm, in tonight’s episode it sure looked like Darlene was talking to and responding to Mr. Robot.


In every scene where that happens, the other character is quiet in the background. It’s Elliot in both conversations.


Enjoyed this week’s episode a lot better than last. Boy the swedish guy is creepy.


Yeah, no kidding. He’s an utter psycho.


That actor is just nailing it.


The show has entered a holding pattern where it seems like big things should be happening, but there are too many episodes left in the season … so right now it’s all delay, delay, delay. This isn’t the kind of series where just hanging out with the characters for an hour while they shoot the breeze is satisfying, though. My patience is getting kinda thin.

In particular I wish they’d hurry up already and deal with the Mr. Robot issue. We’ve all seen Fight Club - I mean, who else would be watching this thing? - and we all know what the score is. When the show started I assumed they’d get to the “Mr. Robot is all in Eliot’s mind!” twist in 3 or 4 episodes, since it seems to come with the territory.

But it looks very much like they’re saving this “revelation” for the season finale, which would be deeply anticlimactic. So I’ve now I’ve started rooting for the twist to be that Mr. Robot is [I]real[/I]. That would at least come as a surprise.


So I’ve now I’ve started rooting for the twist to be that Mr. Robot is real. That would at least come as a surprise.

This past episode had some scenes where Mr Robot seemed to have actual interaction with people besides Elliot. In every other instance up to last week, there was always a disconnect when Mr Robot was involved. Of course, they have thrown enough of Elliots weirdly perceived world at us that the scenes in question can be explained away but it seems more possible that Mr Robot is a real person than it did in previous weeks.


I’m assuming most of the audience DOESN’T ‘get’ the Fight Club possibility, but I agree I hope they wrap that mystery up and I too am starting to get annoyed at the -slow- movement of the main story. At least it isn’t as bad as this years TRUE DETECTIVE. HOly crap, thats been so bad so far.

Also, I kind of don’t get why they put American Psycho in a hacker tv show… I don’t want super edgy… just techno thriller with intelligence please… well i think its only 10 episodes so its not too demanding… not as bad as the time I wasted watching SHIELD for a season and a half.


That would be an awesome reveal. It turns out that none of the other characters likes Christian Slater. Out of contempt, they mostly just ignore him when he talks!



Yeah, I’m feeling a bit of lack of focus or wandering. The sub-plot with his neighbour and the gangster seems a bit pointless.

It’s still holding me because of the great acting, dialogue and production, but the story itself doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.


I can see there are slow burn issues with the show but I like it enough that I have interest in the peripheral characters and want to see how they fit into the overall scheme of things. Because of that, it doesn’t really bother me much. I think if I saw the show as a lesser show it would definitely bother me, so I see where you’re coming from on that.


Hah hah. I just came to the thread I love the drug-dream sequence. Well, at least the first half, it went too long.

Of course their psychological aspect is the most interesting part. The whole “hacktivists defeat the Evil corp” is uninteresting. And the evil scummy CTO being characterized as evil scummy guy was eyerolling.

I still have to see the fifth ep.


Then, you might not like the fifth one… it’s got a lot of Tyrell.

As for the pacing, it was originally meant to be a movie, but the script was far too long so it was adapted for TV. So, it makes sense that the pacing needs to be spread out a bit more (also, not sure how there’s going to be a second season). But, I’m interested enough in the characters/actors, and the direction is still pretty strong. Still in.


Don’t worry, I know. I actually watched it half and hour after typing that :P.

Tyrell is a cliché, but one that it’s fairly well executed, so I can stand him.

I wonder where the series will go. If it’s going to be “straight” and just told the story as it’s told right now, it’s it’s going to throw a curve ball, maybe at the end of the season. You know: maybe Mr. Robot is a delusion like some people believe. Maybe Mr. Robot is less idealistic as it seems and has his own plans. Or maybe E Corp is merely a stepping stone and there is a real shadowy big conspiracy, MJ12 style, behind governments and corps.

The series, as people have commented already, does a good job of “keeping it real”, but it also has some puzzling moments, like in the first episode when the blonde girl didn’t know what was a rootkit. lol


but it also has some puzzling moments, like in the first episode when the blonde girl didn’t know what was a rootkit.

Oh geez. I understand that they need to establish/explain some of the terms to the less tech-savvy part of the audience, but that particular scene made me go “Really?!