Mr Robot on USA


BTW, Sharon obviously never played Baldur’s Gate 2. I kept thinking of the famous line.


This show just keeps delivering. Its brutal but in a good way. Now I know why they gave it a second season even before the first one aired. It was interesting to see Mr Robot have direct interaction with people other than Elliot. Of course since we are part of Elliots delusion, theres no guarantee that what we are seeing is what we think it is. The opening scene was heart wrenching and the final scene was perfect. In between we got a lot of interaction with the support characters, that really sets the stage for whats coming next. The moral of the story here, sanity is an illusion, a warm fuzzy blanket that everyone wraps themselves in. Its not very pretty when someone pulls that blanket away.


Hannibal does it too, and I think it works there. I can’t confidently articulate why it doesn’t work as well on Mr. Robot (I wouldn’t go so far as to call it annoying, just un-subtle), maybe it’s just that the entirety of Hannibal feels like it’s drifting in and out of a feverish hallucination anyway.


Still digging this show quite a bit.

It can be a bit unsettling at times that every other show they talk about hacking the types of systems that I design, program and maintain, but it is sort of cool in a way too to hear about them in a cool show ;).


If it’s any consolation, Kelan, I’m pretty sure (speaking as a layman, of course) that the show makes it look way easier than it actually is, right?


I sure hope so :).

It cracked me up that they were dropping USB sticks outside the prison as that is supposedly how the Stuxnet virus started.


The one thing that it definitely gets right about the hacking part of things is the weakest point of entry into any protected system is people.


I don’t have the link handy, but the bug that Tyrell put in that one guy’s phone while he was showering is apparently a real program, and the way he installed it was accurate as well.


As brazen as Darlene was being about dropping them, it was almost comical. I think they’re generally a bit more subtle than that. I mean, if you drop two or three USB drives at different spots in the parking lot, the person that finds one of them can think, “Cool, free USB drive!” If one person finds 5 or 6 of them within a 5 foot radius, he/she will almost certainly get suspicious.


Just started watching this yesterday. It is quite good. Ya on USA having earlier episodes available and easily accessible. I’ll return to this thread when I’ve caught up. Seems like too many spoilers.


Haha, yeah. I was laughing out loud at how she was doing that :).


I think you overestimate the average persons cognitive abilities. I doubt their first thought would be “OMG Hacker Attack!” Most people would see a bunch of USB drives lying around like that and think “Score!” They tend to let greed over ride common sense.


Yep, fully agreed. Some simply might think that it is some kind of marketing stunt. And let’s not forget this: even if someone finds it suspicious, he/she still might be curious. It’s easy to forget that less tech-savvy people aren’t necessarily aware that already inserting a USB drive can do harm to a computer.


Great episode tonight. I was surprised about:

SUPER spoiler

Darlene being Elliot’s sister. Didn’t see that one coming. Also, apparently Mr. Robot is the memory of his dad? was slightly confused on that.


I’m only starting to watch the episode, but another great musical selection for the opening credits tonight: Mozart’s Piano Concerto #20 in D minor (IIRC about the key).
Edit: then the Queen of the Night’s second aria from The Magic Flute!



[spoiler]I did not see that one either, her reaction to the kiss was great.

Sort of. I think it’s less a memory and more of an alternate personality that in his mind looks like his dad. But, I imagine we’ll find out a lot more soon.[/spoiler]

Great episode.


It was a great episode, and re: the spoiler, the two actors are well cast for the roles given their facial features/apparent ethnicity.


Well, I think
episode 8

[spoiler]Elliot based Mr. Robot in the figure of his dad, it isn’t literally his dad for him. I doubt his dad was an anti-system super hacker. It isn’t that surprising to me because all the daddy issues themes that the first serious discussion between Elliot and Mr. Robot had, the one where at the end Mr. Robot ‘pushed’ Elliot down. There was already a connection between Mr. Robot and a kind of father figure.

For me the biggest clues of Mr. Robot being invented was the fact that the show was named after himself (a secondary character, in theory!) and not the main character, and scenes like Mr. Robot appearing out of nowhere in the episode 6 (in Elliot’s apartment building, while the thugs where there), gave Elliot a morale discourse/rant like he knew everything it was happening, and then disappeared into thin air. Other scenes that people pointed out of being suspect, like the first talk in the metro or him talking to other characters were just “normal” to me, though I knew with a unreliable narrator they may be not something to trust.

Of course, the sister twist was a surprise to me, like everyone else.

I wonder about Tyrell character, he seemed at first the future antagonist of the series, but he is unraveling more and more.


I’m glad they turned out who they were because I did not want to see them together.


By the way, how fucking awesome was Whiterose?