Mr Robot on USA


Weird. Kinda bummed, but OK.


Same here.


Aw, man, I hate it when current events are a spoiler.



Kept refreshing web sites to see the last episode last week. Wondered wtf happened. Crazy coincidence! I still think they should’ve aired it though. Can’t let them win.


Apparently USA didn’t reset whatever data bit needs to be reset for DVRs, as mine recorded the repeat last week thinking it was a first run episode and even had the description blurb for the season finale in the listing. Sounds like someone at USA or DirecTV got lazy. I hope they fix it this week so that DVRs on all systems recognize it as another first run episode.


Check again today? Even though mine recorded last week’s rerun because it didn’t get updated at the time, it then was updated around Monday (two days ago) to properly record tonight’s. I’m on Comcast.


I was going to give everyone a heads up to check the DVR because of this episode being delayed a week. I have been burned by that before with UVerse.


I’ll be checking my TiVo’s to-do list for sure.


Yup, my DirecTV stopped scheduling the recording tonight, thanks for the catch!


What is the origin of the term “stunt-framing”?


I’m not sure what to think of the finale. It was good, but a little anticlimactic - approaching the penultimate event of the season only in retrospect.

Also, I now totally understand why USA delayed the episode a week.


So I’m glad they doubled down and went ahead with The Big Event instead of just punting to next season. But we didn’t actually get to see much about it or what it does and doesn’t mean.

Still wish this had been a mini rather than a series. The finale ended up as a holding action. (Pretty much the entire Elliot plot this episode was, “Hey, remember that cliff hanger from last episode? Yeah, we’ll get to that [I]next[/I] season. Till then, we’ll repeat some stuff you already know.”)

Speaking of cliffhangers

Is that imaginary Shayla knocking at the door?

Nice reveal at the end, though; wheels within wheels and all that. And I don’t care if the framing bugs Tom, this is the best-photographed show on TV. That mansion looked [I]amazing[/I].


I love the framing too.


Not much going on in the finale but it was still an enjoyable watch. I have to wonder if it can keep momentum going into a second season now that “the big event” already happened.


I thought the penultimate episode was the last episode for some reason, and thought it was a great cliffhanger / setup for next season. I clearly wanted more Tyrell, who I assume is a young Patrick Bateman. The finale seemed unnecessary, though I guess it’s setting up for S2.


The finale made me wonder about the show’s longevity. In Fight Club, how much time elapses between the Tyler Durden reveal and the end credits? In his interview with Alan Sepinwall, the creator Sam Esmail said he sees this story ending after 50 episodes, max.

But the good stuff about this premise has already been exhausted – who’s real, who’s not real? Going on from here, they’ll have to find some new plot engine.


I’m terrible at paying attention to what is happening in the world. Why did they delay the episode for one week?



season finale spoiler

I assume the E Corp executive commiting suicide live on air in the season finale was too close for them to the incident and they didn’t want any controversy.


Great wrap up, really looking forward to next season. I liked that they went all the way with the revolution thing, and did their best to portray the reality they hypothesized.
post credits was great

Great sting in the tail - White Rose is so cool, almost a super-villain or mastermind type of character. His appearance there gives the movie a slightly Matrix-ey tint.

It’s like, the Illuminati or whoever “they” are, allow and make contingency plans for, periodic releases of society’s “pressure valve” (as it were) - they allow for creative destruction and shake-ups, and they instigate, or galvanize into action, just such revolutionaries as our heroes; and they’ve insured themselves against the fallout. So long as they end up in control again in the aftermath, they don’t really care about the particulars. A good deal of their activity consists in making sure they’re well-positioned, come the revolution.

Just an awesome show.


I’d hate to be responsible for season 2 of Mr. Robot. Not only does it now have to justify itself, but it has to justify that anticlimax of an ending to season 1. Maybe I’ll be eating my words a year from now, but I wish this had just been a single season.