I’ve recently noticed 2 new folders on my “D:/” drive, which I use as my data drive and where I install most games. They’re named with a long random string of letters and numbers, and both appeared in the last month. When I try to view them in Windows Explorer, it says I don’t have permission, but I can click through that and what I see in both is just mrt.exe, which I assume is Microsoft’s malicious software removal tool. Or can I assume that? As far as I’ve paid attention, MS updates usually only muck around in my C:/ drive where the OS is. This was the first time I’ve ever seen what I THINK is a MS update going into my non-OS drive.

Running Vista, using AVG AV. Thanks.

Its part of the paranoia behind the Malicious Software Removal Tool. For whatever reason, it installs copies of itself onto anything it can find - even removable external drives.

I guess the theory being you can never have too many backups? I’ve never found an official answer why, but I looked into the same thing 6 months back when it popped onto my external backup volume…