MS: 360 sold 310,00 last week, 2:1 over PS3, sony: Nuh-uh

I’m all hyped for an awesome ‘All I Want For Christmas is a PS3’ viral campaign that Sony can deny starting!

You, obviously, since you took the time to post in this thread.

The 360 did pretty close to 1 million last november, didn’t it? It’ll be dissapointing if they can’t at least match that number this year with Halo 3 + the price drop

The 360 did 511k last November. It will easily pass that this year.

Is November or December the best month of the year for sales?

December. Usually, sales double from November.

“back-pedaling”: a term with origins in sports workouts, meaning “to run backwards”.

“2008 rolled around, and Sony was back peddling Playstation 2’s.”

No, 511K in November, 1.1 million in December.

It sounds, from what they’re saying, like they should be higher this year; and from Sony’s own words, they’ll be lower, so are boasting about a third-place finish again.

“You know, things break.”

You consider that a lie? The final specs didn’t include any of those ports (2 HDMI, wtf). Might as well claim they lied about it having the boomerang controller.
It’s a little different from claiming it’s impossible to combine rumble and motion sensing.

If I remember those press conferences correctly, they were trumpeting how awesome the PS3 was becuase it had all those outputs, so yes.

That said, I didn’t make the image, and I have no idea where I got it. I just think it’s funny.

Could be UKR’s PS3 Lie Watch.


At the time, it did have (or was going to have) all those inputs.

there’s no reason for a console to have two hdmi outputs.

That wasn’t a lie. It was, in fact, all too true.

But that was so you could do dual monitor gaming! Don’t forget the two Ethernet jacks as well.

The Prototype was supposed to have the capabilities of a router. Uh oh! The prototype had different functionality from the final model. More lies?!

Again, considering how much they trumpeted all those cut features at the time, yes.