MS Buys High Heat

The real question is…are MS going to continue the High Heat series, or simply rebrand their own (significantly less good) Baseball series?

Yes. heh

More seriously, I suspect the latter, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the ex-3DO folks found themselves in Redmond.

  • Alan

I wouldn’t mind seeing the core of the game remain in tact with a visual face lift on the level of the NFL Fever series.

Significantly less good, huh? Did you play this year’s version of HH for the PC? It was buggy and had one of the worst interfaces I’ve ever used, making the game unplayable. HH hasn’t been really good since the 2000 or 2001 editions. 2003 and 2004 were crap. A lot of that was probably due to tech issues originating with 3DO, though, so maybe the move will get the series back to what it used to be.

Also, does this mean the end of HH on the PC? I’d imagine that it’ll become an Xbox exclusive now. That ain’t good. All that’ll be left on the PC will be EA’s MVP Baseball.

So what happened to the other assets? I’d like to know who bought them.

Namco got Street Racing Syndicate. 4Kids got Cubix I think…

Oops, didn’t see the thread about HOMM. Sorry.

But what about the gameplay? Like working the count, realistic baserunning, all that sort of stuff that the other baseball games can’t ever seem to get right. I didn’t play the 2003 or 2004 versions, but aside from bugs and the interface, wasn’t the gameplay still there? It was there in High Heat 2002.

That would suck quite a bit.

Yeaaaah…but did you play Inside Pitch’s first installment this year from MS? With all those flaws in the HH series, MS still managed to put out a game inferior to it in every way.

So anyway, is Interplay planning to do amything similar with their licenses? Just curious. I imagine some of the licenses (like Fallout) are still worth a pretty penny.

  • Alan

I’m semi-glad MS bought it, but at the same time they need some designers/producers who know enough not just about baseball but everything that makes it popular to the fantasy crowd and combine it. High Heat came close but had too many funky problems, not to mention year-after-year bugs that’d stay the same. They need somebody to pilot the coolest most detailed all-awesome baseball game ever, than expand that to other lines and really give EA a run for its money. Add support for server-client net leagues. Purchase a license to integrate with ESPN fantasy leagues or something. Put out a new box every two years, with an expansion pack inbetween. Hell, throw in some RPG stuff.

Damn I’d be awesome for that job.

— Alan