Ms. Marvel on Disney+ drops a trailer!

June 8th.

I don’t know the character from the comics super well, but I don’t think her powers worked like that in the books I’ve seen her show up in? I could be thinking of a different character though - it seems like there are about eight characters named “Marvel” of some sort! :) And sometimes you see a big glowing fist and I think maybe this is the character I’m thinking of? But she was stretchy and could make her body into different shapes or something - no glowing cosmic tech was involved, unless I’m totally off base (or it’s the wrong character, always possible).

I recently started watching Never Have I Ever on Netflix because I like Mindy Kaling’s work, I just watched the pilot like a day ago, and the opening part of this trailer was so incredibly similar. Kind of messed with my head for the rest of the trailer. Upon reflection I’m not sure I like the lead actress for this, but it’s her first acting gig (which could be good or bad) so I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Looks like a Marvel Disney+ show. I’ll watch it.

I suppose they had to make it a kid show, but I can’t say it attracts me on that basis.

I think you’re right - I thought she was supposed to be a bit more like Mr. Fantastic + shapeshifting powers, vs this one which feels a bit more…Green Lantern? Hope it’s a success though!

I love this already. I hope it delivers!

This looks GREAT.

The look and feel of this, and the musical presentation, are all 1000% up my alley. Some nerdy friends are pissed about the powerswap, but tbh, CGI stretch powers still look like absolute dogshit, especially on a TV budget, so I’m okay enduring 5 more hours of “sparkly CGI lasers solve all problems” style Marvel storytelling versus the alternative.

Ms. Marvel I thought was another name for Captain Marvel.

Correct me if I am wrong but this is the same superhero that gets fucked up Rogue who permanently steals her powers and puts her in a forever coma. (My knowledge is based on the '90s X-men cartoon)

Probably not gonna happen to a kid version of the hero.

The change to how her powers works only bothers me for two reasons.

1 - I remember thinking it was pretty cool that she’s one of the most powerful metahumans in the comics, or that’s what I had read anyway, and this kind of diminishes that when it’s just tech giving her the abilities. I also like the idea that a girl that loves super heroes it turns out was born with super powers, rather than finding them or what have you.

2 - I don’t like the idea that at some point she’s going to have them taken from her somehow, and will have to be a hero without them. Super heroes losing their super powers is a trope that drives me crazy.

(I should add the visual effects for what they did with her powers is super cool so from that perspective it does work better).

Upbeat and spunky or irascible and selfish > surprise at powers > initial thrill > reluctance to commit > losing your powers > finding out the real hero was the you you were along the way > fight a villain with your powers but in a cooler outfit > power of friendship > denouement featuring Sammy Jackson

Look, it every Marvel movie :)

Yeah, it’s been a story beat I’ve disliked even when I was a little kid. Spider-man 2 was frustrating for me as well. He… suddenly can’t see as well? What the fuck that’s a hell of a mental block. EDIT: Not to say that will happen in this season - in fact it probably won’t - the super hero losing their powers is something reserved almost exclusively for second movies and second seasons.

Not nowadays, this is the new (circa 2013) Ms. Marvel, a teenager from New Jersey. As also seen in the Avengers videogame.

Yep, they’ve changed her, presumably to save stretchy powers for the Fantastic Four movie (and, I suspect, to make the source of her powers a Kree gizmo that will tie her more directly to Carol Danvers. Blue glowy energy power unite!)

The She-Ra turn of You lost your powers because you love your best friend? Nope! You lost your powers because you haven’t kissed her yet, stupid! (massive S5 finale spoilers lol) was the closest it’s come to working for me, but that was more due to emotional investment than actual innovation.

Ahh right. The characters itself has long since been rebooted since those halcyon days.

It is confusing a bit because Ms. Marvel was originally the female version of Captain Marvel (who used to be a man but got rebooted to a women)

Yup, I too think of Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel, having bought a copy of Ms. Marvel #1 waaaaaay back in 1977 (and having followed the male version for years before that.)

I’d never heard this song in the trailer, “Blinding Lights” by The Weekend but I love it.

The Weeknd, sir

(but seriously, it’s great.)

His collabs with Daft Punk also slap

That was Carol Danvers. Who was called Ms Marvel in the comics at one point, and also wore this outfit.

This is Brie Larson’s character in the MCU. If she sticks around, and Marvel gets around to the XMen, they may do this story because Captain Marvel is basically Silver Surfer in the MCU. You can’t really challenge her at all. She needs to be powered down.

PARDON my good man, it’s new to me and of course my brain put in the E since I’ve been spelling it that way for 50 years. :P

I heard it for the first time when my wife found a video of an Irish family working on choreography to the opening of that song so they could become… TikTok famous? Their repetitive efforts were endearing, anyway.

It’s a cool song, kind of like something Erasure might have laid down so years and years later it could be appropriated for a side scrolling game featuring a robot unicorn.