MS Paint Adventures

In the line of the whole “lets play” threads, this comic strip takes suggestions from the readers for what characters should do in the world. It is kind of a large multiplayer single player puzzle game, where the readers send in suggestions on what to do to solve the puzzles in the strip.

Very fascinating idea, and quite the humorous read.

Has anyone read this?

(To new readers, be warned, he is on strip 1675, so if you want to start from the beginning, you better give yourself 3-4 hours.)

I read through it when he was in the high 1400s and realized that it wasn’t finished when the comic stopped

Not going back there until it IS done.

That said, it’s also AWESOME. The first 50 or so strips feel vaguely comical if you liked the old graphical adventure games or even text based ones. . . but it grows steadily more surreal/hilarious.

The ramp up to the surreal stuff is so gradual, you don’t even notice. I am going to hate being caught up, because now I am going to have to wait for new strips, instead of being able to sit down with the story for an hour at a time.

Thanks for the link, I’m really enjoying these.

MK is slain? I wonder what is next?


That would be fine… as long as he started another game/comic

I guess you haven’t checked back - it ended yesterday.

oh snap!

I don’t know guys, it got pretty surreal in like the first 5 minutes when


the window falls off the wall and it turns out it’s an electricity-powered dimensional portal. And pretty soon after that, they start using the plane of imagination to move around objects in the physical world.

You just wait…

Well I mean I’ve read the whole thing, but those 2 things that happen are pretty surreal. Not that the rest of it isn’t insanely more ridiculous, but it’s not like it starts out believable, the surreality is pretty immediate.


Also, in like the first 5 or less frames, guns start shifting from guns <-> keys from frame to frame. The catch-up frames are pretty sweet though, I’ll have to show the two re-cap frames to a friend of mine who didn’t want to spend 4 hours reading the whole thing.

yeah, I would agree that it keys you into some of the crazyness… but it gets REALLY weird.

I loved it though, and I can’t wait for more.

i just finished reading the whole thing, and that is the weirdest thing i have ever seen

The whole thing sort of smacks of SomethingAwful, I think.

I tried reading Jail Break and Bard Quest, but they were nowhere near as good as Private Sleuth.

Homestuck has begun, and while it certainly dialed up the crazy way faster than the last adventure did, it shows just as much potential. The suggestion box seems to be closed though, so I’m not sure how we are supposed to suggest actions?

Anyone reading the new one?

This one seems like it is pretty cool so far… but I think Problem Sleuth was way WAY funnier than this one.

It seems like he is just going all out crazy with the game stuff, with all the complicated menus and shit.

Just wanted to bump this, in light of the insane 13 minute end-of-act update on 10/25. If you’re a fan of webcomics, and you’re not following Homestuck, there’s something wrong with you. That’s pretty much the only way to put it. Homestuck is the most interesting thing to happen to the genre since people realized they didn’t have to keep making three panel newspaper format strips. It’s gone from being a tiny little thing with a small but devoted following to a fucking monster that downed the servers of both Newgrounds and MegaUpload with the demand for this flash file.

Seriously, why aren’t you reading this?

Brotel Rwanda.

Ah fuck, I stopped reading this like a year ago. Is it possible to download the archives or something? I’d be fine with a huge up front download and then catching up in a slideshow, but as I recall it was a pain to read large sections at a time on the website.