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That’s 10% from Broadwell, and wasn’t Broadwell 10% from Haswell, which is what the SP3 is running?


You should definitely skip the next generation after the one you have, there is virtually no point these days.

The second generation after what you have you MIGHT notice a difference, and by the third you probably should.


Have they announced the MS 4 yet? or is that coming? I’ve been holding off to purchase one


No. At this rate, we’ll probably get something either very soon or closer to the end of the year. They’re on the verge of missing the back to school market as it is right now (although they’re probably happy to let the more consumer-oriented Surface 3 have that market), and if they do, they’ll be in no hurry for while. They can wait until Skylake.


Well I pray they get the Surface 4 Pro out in the next few months, I need one real bad, I am jonesing for Skylake so hard right now


I am in the same boat.

I want one to do work when i’m away from home & work for extended times (read: vacation). I’ve tried my ipad in the past and it was an extremely painful experience, even with a keyboard and a good stylus. I don’t really want a full on laptop either. Surface pro appears a perfect fit for me and my boss has recommended it too for work. Nobody wants to feel like an idiot though, and i certainly would if i bought a surface 3 pro in a month and then a month after that, the surface 4 pro came out at the same price.


You won’t notice any performance with 30% more CPU speed, as most activities are either not CPU-limited or go so fast anyway a human would never see the difference. If you’re a developer compiling code, running a server, rendering video, etc, CPU speed matters. If not, it really doesn’t. You’d never tell the difference between a 3Ghz ivy bridge and a 4Ghz skylake.

Now GPU performance definitely matters, even in 2D with high-DPI displays. Power consumption matters a great deal too, as it affects both battery life (in mobile) and required cooling/possible clocks on both mobile and desktop.


It doesn’t matter if i can tell the difference or not though. I’d simply feel foolish when i know i can wait X months and get something Y% better. The problem is what that X number is.

Maybe that is a foolish position, but i think that is kind of human nature to want to feel like you got a good deal.


Well, Skylake devices will start in early to mid-august, so I guess wait for them.


The other consideration is whether you like the current Surface screen size, or whether you want something larger or smaller. There’s rumors of one or the other (a 14" Surface and/or a Surface Mini) happening as part of the Surface 4 launch.

Myself, I’ve got a Surface 2 and I’d sell that and scoop up a 14" Surface in a heart beat. It’d be an amazing digital drawing tablet.


Only if they can fix the Ntrig problem. Apparently they need to boost the voltage of the pen, which sounds like a hardware update to me, which they may or may not want do. But currently any slow drawn lines (without software smoothing, which slows stroke drawing annoyingly, and in some software like PS, require paid plugins like Lazy Nezumi) give you horrible jagged lines. Not an issue with quick sketches, but still crippling if you do any trace or fine detail work.


So I picked up a Surface 3 Pro over lunch. My God what a machine. It makes me feel like when I got the Ipad 1. All this seemless integration and fidelity with the pen and ability to rip the keyboard off and turn it into a tablet. I was playing with it at the bar and just smiling eat to ear going “this is awesome!”. I’m excited to play with it and my PC and Xbox


I’ll probably be purchasing an new laptop next year. I flirted with getting an Mac for a while but now that Windows has got its shit together I think I’ll stick with that route. If I have no certain plans for using the pen (I could see maybe taking notes with it or scribbling out a brainstorm for school but it’s not like I’m going to start drawing with it or using it for my job) would it be better to skip the Surface and go for the 2016 version of the Dell XPS 13? I’m sure the Dell would work better as an actual laptop for use on a lap. I’m not sure how I would use the tablet where I couldn’t simply use an iPad.


Yes, the dell is a much better laptop. Get the surface if you’re interested in the hybrid tablet functionality or need the pen.


Anandtech skylake review:

This graph shows that:

Sandy Bridge to Ivy Bridge: Average ~5.8% Up
Ivy Bridge to Haswell: Average ~11.2% Up
Haswell to Broadwell: Average ~3.3% Up
Broadwell to Skylake (DDR3): Average ~2.4% Up
Broadwell to Skylake (DDR4): Average ~2.7% Up

Oh dear. Typically with an architecture update we see a bigger increase in performance than 2.7% IPC. Looking at matters purely from this perspective, Skylake does not come out well. These results suggest that Skylake is merely another minor upgrade in the performance metrics, and that a clock for clock result compared to Broadwell is not favorable. However, consider that very few people actually invested in Broadwell. If anything, Haswell was the last major mainstream processor generation that people actually purchased…[]

So Moore’s law is well and truly dead, and my i3-2120 from summer 2011 is still going strong. That said I like the better power/thermals and if you’re upgrading might as well get the latest.


If sky lake runs cooler then it is definitely worth it. One of the issues with the i7 surface pro 3 is it throttles down so much due to heat that you may as well settle for the i5, and even the i5 runs hot, which means lots of fan noise and decreased battery due to fan spinning so much.


If sky lake runs cooler then it is definitely worth it. One of the huge issues with the Haswell i7 surface pro 3 is it throttles down so much due to hear that you may as well settle for the i5, and even the i5 can run hot.


There may still be other reasons to upgrade a haswell laptop. Battery life and better gpu for example. But I agree that cpu speed certainly isn’t a good reason at this point.

Note how little Intel talked about processor updates at IDF today. All about other stuff they are working on.


FWIW, my Skylake 6600K overclocked very comfortably to 4.5Ghz without fiddling with anything but vCore. Full load temps maxing around 65 degrees and stable for hours on OCCT. I might play around with the BCLK and the cache frequency to see how far I can bring down the voltage.


Yep. We finally have a good OCer again, and that does mean Sandy Bridge is finally eclipsed for that small portion of the market. Though I’m not going to drop $400 for an upgrade. Maybe next year.

When are they upgrading their cheapo Xeon E3 line to Skylake? Also, when did this turn into the Intel thread?