MS Surface


The Surfaces are definitely becoming nice machines.


Archived article doesn’t show the bezels, but if you use a tablet as a tablet, they are useful.


They remain shitty tablets, because the app library isn’t there. It could be a neat little laptop, though.

Keep in mind that $399 almost certainly doesn’t include the keyboard case, either.


No one asked for this. I still make fun of the one friend who intentionally and against my advice bought a WinRT Surface.


This device will run x86 programs at full speed, so it isn’t destined to be laughable garbage.

I expected it to come with an ARM SoC, very surprised they went Intel.


Haven’t used one before, but my Galaxy Note 2014 is showing a bit of age, and I’ve been thinking a good surface with stylus could be a candidate when I get ready to move on.


Depends what you use it for. If you mostly browse the web, then sure. Otherwise you will probably be hit by the very poor touch app library somewhere.

These devices should be very usable for real work, but you’ll want the 128GB SSD model for that, and it’ll probably cost well north of $600+ before you’re done, and you can get a 13" ultrabook for that. Pretty nice one, too.


Oh man I had totally forgotten about these. A Windows Pen Computing Edition type error. 32-bit ARM wasn’t the future, as it turns out.

As far as browsing the web in tablet mode goes, Edge wasn’t great last time I tried it. They really regressed from Windows 8.1 in this (very) specific case. Of course Safari on iPad is the gold standard for touchscreen web browsing, particularly on iPad Pro with glass smooth 120hz scrolling. It’s like buttah!

An iPad Pro is probably faster than the Pentium 4415Y as well – it’s only 6W TDP. Let’s look at Geekbench 4 scores, shall we?

OEMTX OEMTX Product Name EV1
Intel Pentium 4415Y 1608 MHz (2 cores)
2050 single core, 3946 multi-core

iPad Pro 2018
3909 single core, 9309 multi-core

Yeah that’s just fucking sad, man.


32bitness wasn’t what killed the RT, it was the complete lack of compatibility with Win32 applications. Win10 ARM will run x86 apps in translation mode but the performance is supposedly very poor so it’s another loser.

I still expected MS to go ARM for this thing. Surprised they didn’t; it has a chance. A slim chance.


For the record an iPhone 6s is faster than the Pentium 4415Y. (Based on single core Geekbench 4, anyways, which is most representative of typical performance in typical applications.)

I can second the ASUS Zenbook recommendations, we buy those for people at Discourse and they are 👍


Daily driver for paperless printable CEO tracking (using Lecture Notes currently on Android). Some surfing/tapatalk and kindle reading.

Mostly the Emergent Task Planner (pdf imported daily, track to-do’s calendar, meeting notes, all in notebooks and periodically encrypted and backed up to dropbox/box/etc.


Well, I would check if those apps are on Windows and if so, how well they work with touch. If they aren’t in the windows store the answer is “poorly”.


Pretty sure Lecture Notes is Android only. I just need a good pen notebook which allows me to import pdf’s as page templates, as well as take pix and import them, etc.


You managed to pick a rare use case where Windows touch is really great! OneNote should do all that stuff extremely well. Suggest you give it a shot on non-touch Windows and see if it meets your needs. I bet you’ll love it.


As long as it can stream steam, I could make it work.


It’ll stream steam just fine, if you’re OK playing games on a 10" screen. Ice cream. Deem team scream. Maxine. Blaspheme. Hashishim. OK, I’m out.


Yeah, I used to have a Windows XP Tablet edition many moons ago which I used OneNote for. Would like to see where it has gone in the years since.


It’s really, really great. Particularly on a Surface with the pen.