MS Vice President: buy the Wii

Clever and blunt. I wonder how far they would go to push this angle.

The blood is in the water now. Is there another show before the PS3 launch that sony could turn the tide?

Someone mentioned bundling them in another thread. I think that might pay off. Come December 14: “The perfect Christmas gift for a whole family, kids to adults. An Xbox 360 with <some game> and a Wii with tennis all for $699” A little colaborative engineering on the A/V cabling so that it’s easy to switch between consoles, and you’re golden.

Gaming age forums are swarming with “Wii60” comments.

Heh, that’s awesome. And quite correct, from a business perspective – the two companies don’t really compete at this point, but both compete with Sony!

OMG, MS and Nintendo joining forces to topple Sony? Dare I dream the dream?

You seem to have a hard on for killing Sony, any reason why?

The music-cd rootkit springs to mind. :-)

I have five hundred and ninety nine reasons.

and it only took them 3 consoles to ditch the stupid multi-tap.
2 controller ports in a newer console? come on now.

and does sony even have a figurehead character? (MS-cheif, nintendo - mario)

As someone else pointed out…

MS: Humans
Nintendo: Elves

Sony: Sauron

Then does that make Eb and gamestop the dwarves? or hobbits?

They tried oh so desperately to create their own Mario/Sonic figurehead with Crash Bandicoot, but that of course was a big flop. Not that the games weren’t somewhat successful, but the character never reached anything like the level of mainstream pop-culture visibility that it was designed to. I’m guessing probably because Crash was created by a committee of marketing drones a la Poochy (“can we add ten per cent more attitude?”) and not game creators. He just reeks of a desperate attempt to appeal to 18-24s.

I have five hundred and ninety nine reasons.

That’s enough reason to not buy the console, I just don’t see the hate.

The rootkit is a better reason to hate, but in my opinion, all three are amoral entities capable of mass dickery. Microsoft’s crimes are known to all, and when Nintendo ruled the console landscape, they ruled with an iron fist.

I don’t know whether or not I want to see Sony fail. I’d rather have developers have more power in terms of what they can do on a console. This is possible if all console manufacturers are trying to gain marketshare. Any console manufacturer will treat developers like shit if it gains a large lead.

Then again, I see innovation in largely economic terms. Developers are more willing to create quirky, interesting games if the installed base is large enough to support such games. The only way that will happen is if one console gains the majority.

Now, the lowered development costs of the Wii might counteract that, and allow more small developers with unproven ideas.Then again, Nintendo has crappy relations with developers, even small ones.

I’d rather have someone maintain a decent lead, but not large enough for them to get cocky.

Somewhat successful is putting it mildly- the Crash PS1 games had blockbuster sales. But he wasn’t owned by Sony- hence Crash being multiplatform this generation and the games sucking since Naughty Dog left. Same goes for Spyro and Insomniac.

I can see MS doing the tag-team on Sony, but not Nintendo. They’ve always struck me as pretty arrogant.


The gamers are the hobbits.

Here’s an interesting observation: people who think that the PS3’s price won’t matter seem to fall back on the argument that Sony has the big exclusives, primarily MGS and Final Fantasy. But I think people are underrating the significance of losing GTA exclusivity–especially in the States. Even if every single person in the US who bought MGS3 and Final Fantasy X decide that it’s worth paying $600 to be able to play the sequels to those games (and let’s face it: that’s being generous to Sony), that’s only about 4 million sales (MGS3 sold about 1.4 million copies in the US, and FFX sold about 2.7 million). But GTA: San Andreas sold nearly twice as much as both of those games combined (7.4 million), in the US alone.

Losing exclusivity on that franchise is a huge deal in the US, especially when the competing platform is selling for $200 less. MGS and Final Fantasy are big franchises, no doubt, but I’m not sure they are going to be the saving grace that Sony is obviously hoping they will be. Metal Gear Solid, in particular, is not nearly as big a deal as people make it out to be. MGS3 sold okay, but there are probably a dozen or more franchises across the various platforms that are much bigger in terms of sales.

Yeah, I agree, losing the exclusive window on GTA is huge smack in the face for Sony. I don’t imagine there will be much to choose from between the X360 and PS3 versions, either.