MS XNA Communities

Have any communities (Non MS.) popped up dealing with this? I’d love to see code samples and examples of games written using XNA. By now someonw must have done something cool with this.

There’s a metric fuckton of them, but only if you count blogs. The big ones are (undoubtedly missing a few):


And here’s a good round-up of a lot of tutorials.

I haven’t gone looking around much, as my project is still at the logic stage and I don’t want to get distracted by the graphics (which is where it got stalled before). XNA’s very nice to work with though, it’s a great dev environment to get for free. It’s only a pity they haven’t opened up the Live part to allow multiplayer network games on the XBox. Maybe soon, maybe never.

Thanks, but I have a pet peeve - I wish people would lay tutorial sites out the way they did three years ago. Sorting tutorials chronologically (In the form of a blog.) is just a bad plan. It’s impossible to see all of what is available at once.

Hi all,

QT3 people probably know me as “Jason McCullough’s Betsy” - that semi-fictitious character he talks about home repair with and getting married to. I have long hesitated to post here to spoil his fun of creating me as a narrative. :)

However - in real life at Microsoft, my officemate is the person who works on the tutorial and other getting started content for I will pass the feedback along. Especially if you can get more specific on what you like about tutorials and explainers.



Thanks Betsy, I appreciate this.

Also, stick around, you might find it fun around here.

As a matter of interest, what do you do at Microsoft when you aren’t shilling for co-workers?

Well, actually, I work on the same Web site as my officemate. I just started in Xbox, so I can’t report much on what I do there yet, but I’ve been leading teams that build community web sites and community features for several years now for Microsoft (I was their “blog queen”) and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. :)

If folks here actually want to hear more about this stuff I can come back and bug you when there’s more to show/tell. Meanwhile I will tell the coworker to work on his tutorial discoverability. :)