MSFSX TileProxy

An interesting beta freeware that lets you download GoogleEarth (or other satellite image sites’) tiles into MSFSX. It’s still rough around the edges, as water isn’t recognized for specular and reflection, autogen is crippled and loading time is only as fast as the connection --jets go too fast for it now), but it’s hard to beat this kind of realism and precision.

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Looks like a fun toy to play with, link?

It’s called Tile Proxy by Christian Buchner. I got it off the file library, though you’ll need to register. Otherwise, the author writes: “The project is now up on sourceforge and the download is available from there as well (no changes made so far compared to the May 1st release). A website will soon be set up under - right now it shows a blank index page. The project will also offer source code access through a SVN repository.”

I have a couple more Bay Area pics here.

Spiffy, could you post the contents of your working .ini file?

How long does it typically take to load FSX using TileProxy?

Now that is cool. And this makes complete sense as well, a great 3D map tool combined with a flight sim. Awesome link, thank you Spiffy.

Loading the game does take a bit longer. Loading a flight does take much longer, depending on the speed of your internet connection to download all the tiles. The level of detail radius setting in the scenery config is recommended to be set to ‘small’ as medium or large requires a much larger initial download. You’ll get errors in your TileProxy cmd window if your settings aren’t right when you launch your flight. Also, sometimes google will refuse your Ip, in which case you’ll just have to wait for a few hours or reboot your modem.

Unfortunately right now I’ve uninstalled TileProxy to play around with SP1 (needed a clean install), and I forgot to backup my ini. In any case, I was using beta1 and would imagine the latest beta4 must be different in execution… However, the author has stated that his beta5 will allow easy jumping between tileprxy and FSX retail, so I’m going to wait to get back into it when he releases it later this month (if all goes well)

If you’re having trouble getting it running with ini’s posted on the AVSIM forum (there’s a whole subforum devoted to tileproxy there), it’s possible that when you copy/pasted the google (or other satellite provider) address, your browser inserted an extra space or line break. Make sure there are no errant spaces… took me forever to find why it couldn’t connect too until I figured it out.