MSI packagers recommendations?

Anyone use and can recommend MSI packagers from the following list? Looking for something cheaper and more nimble than say, InstallShield or Wise.

Advanced Installer:
MSI Factory:
MSI Studio:

Just putting in a new version of SMS/SCCM at work and looking at modernizing our hoary old MSI tools as well.

Hmm. This shit is pretty pricey too, at 499-999/user.

I’m leaning towards Advanced Installer and MSI Studio on my shortlist.

Yikes. Wise is 4 grand/user and Installshield is 1 grand.

The Windows Installer XML Toolset is free. No idea how good it is, though.

I’d just use WIX yourself; it’s straightforward, can do virtually anything, and has a good support community.

I’ve used WIX as well. Can’t remember what I used for the Frag.Ops installers I used to put together, but that was a pretty sweet free dealie as well.