MSNBC has become a liberal tool

They’re still showing Hillary’s victory yesterday as the top news. CNN and FoxNews have both moved on already.

They must not think Iran is a threat to world peace.

I hope this thread was a joke.

And now they front page is McCain. Once again the MSM shamelessly kowtows before Dirt.

Nope, it was only started by one.

FoxNews moved on aready? Oh, really?

Aw. Has my support for Hillary hurt your little feelings? I’m sowwy.

Oh my no. Guess again.

Stop being a Hillary, extarbags. Just say it. Inspire me to change.

Ok. stops fake crying

I have a dream today.

A dream that brother and sister, terrain and structure, muck and muckrakers will be able to sit at a table of unity and entity-hood.

You represent everything that’s wrong in DC. Everything I would want Obama to change, should he become President. You talk the talk. Walk the walk.