MSNBC: Political bias affects brain activity, study finds

Yeah, basically. Saying it’s emotional or instinctual to me just means the thought processes aren’t conscious. Perhaps it’s too fast to be conscious.

Saying someone chooses a solution possibily because it’s elegant just begs the question of why they think it’s elegant and what defines elegant. I’d say those map closely to “this tends to work well in general as general solution” and “has worked before” and “if there’s a lot of dangly annoying bits it’s a pain in the ass to get it working for more than 5 minutes.”

I don’t see how your definition of elegant is incompatible with basically snapping into a pre-existing worldview. The model would be basically that these fast rules toss the solution or decision up and then it gets worked over by the part of the brain that people associate with ‘thinking hard’. But the signal from the heuristics might be so strong that the conscious thought part can’t change the outcome or doesn’t even happen.

This is essentially the current model in cognitive psychology. We often process information almost non-consciously; it takes both cognitive resources (essentially, we can’t be doing 14 things at once) and motivation to process stuff at a deeper level. The terms I see most often are automatic versus controlled processing. Automatic processing relies a great deal on heuristics – it’s fast but is more prone to error.

What hasn’t been looked at as much is how emotion plays into either or both of these processing modes. We know we use different parts of the brain when we reason (either automatically or controlled) than we do when we experience or process emotions. The current study suggests that sometimes we make intellectual decisions without using any cognitive processing brain centers (automatic or controlled); we just rely on emotional activation. That seems pretty cool.

I don’t believe that the Axiom of Choice is consistant with Zermelo-Franco set theory. AND THAT PISSES ME OFF!

I’m betting her brain activity is definitely affected. Or is it infected?