MST3K Thread

There are several Qt3 threads and as I’ve been marathoning the shows recently, while I work and play, I saw need to bring them together.

Current favorite: Mike builds three additional Servos to support a new Ser Thomas Neville Servo Consort of the Middle Ages Choir (full episode broadcast).

Thanks for this very timely thread. :)

Did anyone tune in for Joel Hodgson’s streaming Thanksgiving day thing? What episodes were shown?

I love the Delta Knights song. Frankly, anything that let’s Kevin Murphy sing is always delightful. “Do you remember the fifties, when Emperor Claudius di-ied?”

I wish they’d stop interrupting him. I want to hear the song, dammit!

Bunch of bits, mostly Servo and mostly musical:

Servo sings My Creepy Girl (lyrics)
United Servo Academy Chorus (alternate) (lyrics, this one has ten Servos)
Servo battling an out-of-tune guitar while dressed like Burl Ives
Servo completely freaking out
The Canada Song (lyrics)
Crow’s Grateful Dead guitar solo
Servo singing over the opening credits of The Castle of Fu Manchu
Servo duplicates himself (no song, but over twenty Servos)

My favorite musical bit of all time is the Gamera song.

The lyrics to the song at the beginning of The Girl in Lovers Lane is one of my favorites.

The en-tire crew
feels a sense of shame.
If only they had half a brain
they could attain
a measure of fame
from a film like Shane,
but no, to their disdain
the Girl in Lovers Lane

— Alan

favorite Episode…


Cross between Mitchell and Space Mutiny.

Fugitive Alien probably.

Pod People

Gamera vs. Guiron. The gang thinks the only Caucasian kid in the cast looks like Richard Burton. Numerous quotes from Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf ensue.

…oh, and Cornjob.

Tom: (singing) We’re gonna ride our bicycles,
Joel and Crow: (joining in, singing) We’re gonna go and have some fun,
We’re gonna fill our hearts with love,
When we ride our bicycles.
Tom: (singing) When we ride our bikes!
All: Why did they have to shoot my scarf?
I am the twisted lonely guy…
Tom: Let’s watch the kids go to their fate,
They’ll disappear into the woods,
It’ll be days before they’re found,
Cornjob will be bl-amed.
Crow: Why must we sing this stupid song?
It’s getting really annoying,
We apologize for its length,
All: We are filled with shame.
Joel: (spoken, annoyed) Now back to our show!

I don’t think I could single out just one, but if I had to it would either be Pod People or Manos.

Yeah, I probably have to go with Manos. I have a sentimental spot for Being From Another Planet (AKA, Time Walker) because I actually saw that in the theater when I was little.

What about Best Short? (Mine is “Last Clear Chance” mainly because of the skit at the end.)

Mr. B Natural

I think Pod People is the apotheosis of the MST3K ideal.

I also have a soft spot for The Gunslinger and Mitchell and Red Zone Cuba.

Pod People is in my top 5.

My absolute favorite though is “Riding with Death”

Final Sacrifice, Soul Taker, Jack Frost,

I suppose that would be it.

Probably Space Mutiny (“She’s presenting like a mandrill”) and Final Sacrifice (“I’m gonna’ color it.”) for me. Season 8 and 9 just have so many great ones, though I wish the sketch stuff managed to come closer to the quality of earlier seasons.

Do have to give a shout out to the Joel years for “Lost Continent”, which maybe isn’t up there in the pantheon of best-remembered episodes, but I just remember nearly killing myself laughing so hard during the “Rock Climbing, Joel” stuff.

Time of the Apes also doesn’t get enough love. Why doesn’t Johny care?

Soul Taker is really, really magical; the constant Martin Sheen commentary was just fantastic. I’m weirdly partial to “The Movie,” which lampoons This Island Earth. I’m actually generally a bigger fan of the Mike years, partly because it’s what I grew up with, partly because I’m (sadly/embarrassingly/disgustingly) a little too young and distant culturally from the Joel-era crew, so I miss tons of what I’m sure are very witty references and callbacks and whatnot. Did watch Pod People last night and rather enjoyed it, though, so it’s not like I just dislike Joel et. all :)

I was gonna say Mr. B Natural but it’s already been mentioned. Darn!