MST3K Thread

Thanks for the heads-up, will be checking that out.

Belated thanks also to @tomchick for opening my eyes, a while back, about the Mike branch or whatever tending to “punch down”. Subconsciously, I think that had been bugging me and is probably why I didn’t really stick with Rifftrax, and when you highlighted it that was a kind of turning point for me.

I feel like the influence Mike’s position as host had on the tone might be a bit overstated. He was the head writer on the show back from the start of the second season, and was heavily involved in the joke writing long before Joel left. I think it’s more likely the departure of Trace and Frank, and the arrival of Bill that led to a shift in the collective sensibilities.

Yeah, to be fair to Tom (but not to speak for him, as I may be misremembering what he said), he was talking about “Team Mike” vs “Team Joel”, and may not have been blaming Mike specifically.

Open for backers, currently, as it turns out. Opens up for non-backers on May 6. At least, that’s what I just found in a search after failing to locate the Roku app.

If you’re searching for “Gizmoplex” on Roku, you won’t find it. It’s called Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Excellent, thank you!

I have a hard time imagining this will be any good, but just in case:

There is remarkably little robot warring in this movie.

It’s all about the HUMAN DRAMA. Man.

So, Munchie?

What was it that possessed movie producers in the early 90s to do kids movies as star vehicles for comedians that would mean nothing to their intended audience and were already decades out of touch and problematic? I was constantly being reminded of Ladybugs while watching this. Turns out it was the same year!

Ohh we missed it but maybe we’ll watch it tonight. It looked terrible.

We’re watching it now. Geezus christ.

My god that nearly broke me.

Also I had blessedly forgotten about this movie until you brought it up. THANKS.

So a friend said that while Munchie was bad, The Castle of Fu Manchu was clearly worse. Having not seen it, we decided to give it a shot and see if he was right.

My god, he was right. I’m not sure I’ve seen a worse movie on MST3K.

I’ve been watching a random episode per week with a friend, and we hit Castle of Fu Manchu last week. That was… rough. The worst episode I’ve seen that wasn’t season 1.



On FRIDAY, JULY 8, join us at 8pm ET / 5pm PT for a tribute to GAMERA VS GUIRON, featuring all-new additional host segments and surprises! In Gamera vs Guiron, everyone’s favorite giant turtle faces off against the knife-headed Guiron, while aliens plan to eat the brains of two Earth boys they’ve abducted.

And then, stick around after the episode for a blockbuster live post-show event! The July 8 evening’s entertainment will feature a very special engagement – we’ll share more details about this next week.


On July 22, also at 8pm ET / 5pm PT, it’s the biggest, most lumbering Gamera yet, as Gamera confronts fellow kaiju Jiger in the shadow of the Expo ‘70 World’s Fair – and yes, there are more Gamera-loving children around to save Gamera from certain doom and cause general chaos – in GAMERA VS JIGER! We’ll have more information about the post-show live event for this episode later in the month.

Gamera is really neat! Gamera is full of meat! We all love you Gamera!

Anyone watch Demon Squad? <SHUDDER> It’s a super-amateur Buffy-ish movie filmed on location in beautiful Birmingham, Alabama (or was it Huntsville?) with actors presumably from the local scene. Something about it being clearly very recent made it more cringey than most MST movies.

God it was so bad, but not terrible bad, just lazy bad. And yeah, it was 2019. They must’ve have filmed it on their phones.