Multi-Character Control MMORPG - Granado Espada

Granado Espada seems to be an interesting (in concept) MMO that lets you control multiple characters (3 at a time) out of a stable of 12 characters (who share a common “last name”). It also seems to focus rather tightly on very fast and frenetic anime stylized combat. The setting itself though is inspired by 17th century Europe and so the outfit/armor/costume designs are rather unique compared to other MMORPGs out there right now.

Apparently there is a beta test going on in Japan right now, as well as in Korea, and that each major version (1.8 being the latest, and 2.0 being planned) has brought a slew of new features including UI improvements and new unlockable character classes.

If you search around there are several videos on YouTube, as well as elsewhere out there on the 'net that give a better sense of how it works in motion.

Anyone have comments about this one? I don’t suppose Kitsune or anyone else has managed to play the beta test? Just curious if this is another dud like RF Online or whether it is actually fun to play.

edit: found a sign-up info post on a forum for an English beta, not sure if this is real or a spamming thing, but I’ve signed up for it. We’ll see…

these were blatantly linked from:

Bigger screenshots (from the same source):


And what the hell is with this last one?


Raife: I don’t know but it seems vaguely anti-semetic, what with the Europeans sitting on the back of a hands and knees Star of David indicated female. :O

Also, seems like a few of those linked shots are from a year or two ago.

So, Fighting Legends?

Not too many people recall that game, as the hardware requirements on the client side were beyond the ken of the average user. They had to drop the polys on all of their models, as a large battle with multitudes of critters tended to drop your framerate down to 1 frame per minute. After 3-4 months of opening their doors, they closed them right down.

Well, maybe similar in gameplay design (if you say so) but that game looks like ass.

…which is why I mentioned the technical difficulties with playing the game how it was originally intended to be played. This was back in …2000-2001, I think.

It’s still a far cry from the visuals of Giants: Citizen Kabuto, which came out in 2000, or hell even Quake 2 which was years previous. It’s obvious to me that they must have spent far more time on their network stack or other parts of their system than on their graphical subsystem. :)

Anyway back to Granado Espada… I just wonder if this is another grind-fest with PVP as the main attraction to hold player interest long-term like Lineage 1-2, RF Online, and other Korean MMOs.

Is it just me that keeps reading Grando Espresso?

Espada is a type of Spanish sword, AFAIK.

Edit: Wiki knows all-

I guess Espada just means sword. Granado Espada would then literally mean Granado’s Sword, since Granado is a Spanish proper noun (a last name), despite the fact that in proper Spanish it should be strung together as “Espada de Granado.”

Is this a first? If Japanese messing up English is Engrish, what is Koreans messing up Spanish? Spangul?

I like the designs. Sign me up for a trial.

Scry: Sign yourself up for the English beta, though it’s hosted on a Singapore domain (of all places).