Multi-Monitor gaming - anyone try it?

So, had anyone made the leap to multiple monitor gaming?

Is it worth it? Any games better than others or is it just annoying?

With CV-19, I’m missing my multiple monitor setup at work and need to do a bit of ergonomic adjustment to my setup, so I’m looking at monitor arms, and some can handle multiple monitors, so I’m wondering if I should just go with one which can do multiple monitors, but my home system is mostly for gaming in the olden days.

Thoughts, experiences with multiple monitor setups with your gaming rig?

Not worth it. I ran a triple head setup on both nvidia and ati. It was pretty cool the few times I got it working with a game I wanted to play, but I vastly prefer my ultra wide.

I’ve dabbled with it in the past, and didn’t find it to be particularly worthwhile. Some games were better than others, and many didn’t scale properly at all across screens. And the gap between physical screens never quite goes away.

These days, I find it’s way less hassle to reach the goal (filling a big chunk of your vision with the game) with a single large, high-quality screen (either a nice ultrawide monitor, or a big 4K TV.).

Having an accessory display off to side for media control and web browsing is nice, though.

Do you end up having to run games on windowed mode (bad for games where the mouse to the edge scrolls, or just task out when you want to get to the second monitor?

When I used to do my dominions turn at work, I’d have it windowed, but that’s not good for a lot of games.

It’s case by case. At one point I had set up a keyboard command that shifted the focus between monitors, but haven’t bothered with it since building a new PC.

I’m not certain if you’re asking about games that span multiple monitors, or simply having multiple screens connected to your gaming rig?

If the latter, I’d say that’s incredibly common. Most folks here have been using multi-display setups for years. One screen to game, the other for chat, Internet, media or productivity apps, and that works fantastic, and has for over a decade.

Pretty common in the flight sim community. You might try hitting up the DCS / IL-2 / X-Plane forums. Should be plenty of info there.

I guess the answer is, as Star Lord would say - A bit of both

Oh. If you are talking about general multimonitor setups then yes, even with an ultrawide I have been running 3-4 monitors at any one time for forever. Would never give that up.

If you are talking about strictly gaming, like a triple head setup then no, not worth it.

Welp, I strongly recommend a multi monitor setup, as it works just great on a gaming rig. I’ve personally never actually spanned a game on multiple displays beyond just doing it in occasion because I could. I also bought an ultrawide for main display, and that is a way better experience.

Side note, I prefer the 16x10 monitor form factor for gaming to the ultra wide. I’ve had the 30" 2560x1600 monitor I got from monoprice for years, and expect it to remain my gaming monitor, absent some fantastic 4k deal on a similar monitor + 4k card (gtx 770 still doing well).