Multi-platform Game Comparisons - Console Wars Redux

That was a lot of caveats, and he was still wrong…

Well, you think we can all be united in our hope that The Medium isn’t another Godfall.

I doubt it.

Dammit. I knew there was something! Godfall ftw! (that’s the only time anyone, anywhere has ever said that, I’m sure).

And really, are those big caveats? Seems to me that they are pretty basic. Neither console has had anything really next-gen-only yet. Demon’s Souls looks great, but its a remake-I played it a decade ago. Astro is a short tech demo, basically. Yeah, covid, etc. but it’s honestly kind of unbelievable to me that both companies managed to launch new consoles they’ve had in the works for years with nothing new for them.

I mean, they are dong cross release for stuff but there was new stuff. PS5 also had Sackboy and Spider-Man:Miles Morales and yes there are PS4 versions but they do look and run much improved on PS5 beyond simple resolution. Miles particularly looks very good with the raytracing modes. MS is the one that really stumbled there though as they had no first party games at all this fall, not even new crossgen ones, though I guess you could maybe count Gears Tactics which came out on PC in the spring and consoles in the fall.

Microsoft’s biggest game release of the year was in the summer and was PC only, oddly enough. Flight Simulator if you couldn’t figure that out.

But hey, The Medium in a couple of days! To be honest, I don’t have high hopes. But as mentioned, it’s on GP, so there’s literally no reason to not r try it out. Speaking of, I see I can preload it…

MLB The Show 21 up for pre-order on PS4 and PS5. Also Xbox One and Series X|S!

That’s cool. The Show is maybe the best sports game on any console. I love the show but I’m not 20 years old, and in theory you could play this for something like infinite hours in career modes, so I can’t just devote enough time to it.

The irony is that it doesn’t seem to support quickresume.

Never trust Polish developers bearing gifts, seems to be the theme of the new console generation.

(The Medium is fine, but it feels like a lot of backstory and character development was cut).


Series S holding everything back. Thanks Microsoft. Glad a developer came out and said it.

From the same article:

Still, it doesn’t look like it will require that much work to be running well at 1080p on the XSS. The best thing about the current architecture is that the CPU power on both Xbox models is practically the same. Scaling graphical effects is a lot easier than scaling gameplay.

…which we all know developers will spend time doing because they have unlimited time for scaling things.

The Series S is bullshit and it should not exist.

Also from the same article:

From the point of view of a developer it would be much easier if there was a single XSX SKU, but given the circumstances I think that Microsoft has made good choices in how to create a much cheaper console, that can still run next-generation games.

Eh, most devs are going to be doing that legwork during dev anyhow for the range of PC specs they’ll want to hit. It really isn’t super impactful, and likely won’t be too much of a blip for most medium size and larger devs. At the more indie end of things, there’ll of course be a difference given additional constraints on time and budget, but fewer indies are making the cutting edge titles that would need that additional time, so there’s almost a wash there.

Got strong opinions?

What’s going to happen to the Series S is devs are just going to break through the 1080p “barrier” and just downscale the resolution till it fits, including down to 900p, 800p and even lower. Which, to be fair, isn’t really the marketing for it MS originally made.

The Medium already drops to like 620p on Series S when showing both worlds.

The game is rendering two independent scenes at the same time which is a fairly unique situation and quite taxing on hardware so the pixel count drop is expected. The Medium is idiosyncratic in that way.

A Way Out did it on last gen hardware.

In any case, it remains a good example on how extreme the quality sacrifices are to get a next gen experience to run on the Series S.

You know how I can tell the Xbox Series S is a flop? The stock tracking Twitter account I followed that allowed me to score a PS5 before New Year keeps a running tally of the number of days the Xbox Series S has been in stock at Walmart Canada:

This, while the Series X and PS5 models sell out in minutes.