Multi-platform Game Comparisons - Console Wars Redux

Guess so. I was trying to have some fun with it.

Or it’s a bug.

How? The dynamic scaling appears to work as intended. The resolution fluctuates as expected based on scene complexity to maintain the target framerate. How could a bug explain the dynamic results mirroring a completely different, isolated platform?

Off the top of my head…
If the system API the game uses to monitor performance isn’t reporting back accurate data.
If the game is making the wrong assumptions with the returned data.
If the game is capping the scaling.

The scaling resolution bounds are the same on both. In the other two cases it’s highly unlikely the result would be to consistently mirror the PS5 of all things…

I wasn’t aware you worked at Ubisoft on the project and were intimately familiar with the code.

Guys I can’t believe you’re fighting over the PS5 and the Xbox One X, when we all know that the Nintendo Switch is the best console of all. Is there that much concern about who gets second and who gets third??

Meh. That’s only true until the Switch Plus releases. Switch Lite and Switch Minus suck! Long live the hypothetical 4K Switch Plus! I’ll defend it to my dying breath.

That’s the only thing I’m debating myself actually. I got Series X already, because it’s a no-brainer in terms of value. I already have 2 years out on Ultimate Game Pass, and I keep adding more through bing searches and such. So basically I get all these games that I want to play, so that’s not even a question.

The real question for me is Nintendo Switch vs PS5, which one of these two to get as the second console? I love Nintendo’s first party games, but I have no usecase for the mobile aspect of the switch, so just judging them both as home consoles connected to the TV, I guess, whose exclusives do I like more, Sony or Nintendo?

That’s a tough one. Last gen I didn’t care for most of Sony’s lineup all that much, but I loooooooooved The Last of Us, one of the best games of all time for me. And this time they’ve got Demon’s Souls remake. That’s super tempting. But on the other hand, I love the 3D Mario games so much, I was even willing to put up with the Wii controller for them.

Honestly my Switch has been gathering dust, I just unplugged it from the TV last night in fact to plug the PS4 back in just to use for HBO Max until the PS5 app drops. I know people love the Switch and there’s that “would be great on Switch” mentality for 3rd party games but as someone that almost never uses it undocked I find I rather get a game on an alternate platform if available on both. If I liked Animal Crossing at all I might find more recent value in it, though I do need to play Luigi’s Mansion 3 at some point as that does look like one I will enjoy.

I found the original hilarious and clearly a joke, but then again, I’m the odd Internet Person with a functioning sense of humor ;-)

FWIW, the Switch is the first console I’ve put truly serious hours into since the PS2/Gamecube. So good!

If you had watched the Digital Foundry videos on Legion you would know the configuration settings for all consoles are visible in the PC version files.

Good to know, and interesting for sure. Then I have no theories as to what’s up.

Wait, you…unplug game consoles?! You mean I’m not supposed to leave six game consoles connected to my system at the same time??

I rarely use my Switch undocked either, but I like having the option available, or if I want to take it with me on a trip (which, admittedly, was more of a factor before 2020). If a game is available cross-platform, I will generally get it on the Switch whenever possible. But between Kentucky Route Zero and Afterparty and Spiritfarer, there are so many third-party games available right now that I’m having trouble keeping up. And it doesn’t help that Hades is getting so much of my attention right now!

I looked up a game comparison on YouTube between Switch and PS4 (comparing the same game on both platforms), and the comments were hilarious.

“Yeah I’m going to get the Switch version.”
“Why? Look how good the PS4 version looks!”
“I’m going to get it on the superior system.”
“What are you talking about?? Look at the reflections in the water!”
“I’m getting it on the system I can take with me.”

Some people want the system with the best graphics. Some people want the system with the most portability. I can see arguments for both.

So, that AC Valhalla patch… It did not make PS5 performance worse like rumored. And the speedup for XSX is coming purely from them reducing the minimum resolution of dynamic resolution scaling:

The revolutionary approach to gaming that many said the Switch would usher in due to the magical Joy Cons, touch screen, portability, etc. never really materialized for me (save for the portability factor). The nuances of the Joy Cons are hardly used by the vast majority of games (a fate similar to the Vita’s back-facing touch sensor, and likely a fate reserved for the Dual Sense controllers).

What the Switch HAS become for me is a nice portable system that has an SD card filled with small 3rd party and indie PC games. I find that I am more likely to play that small budget indie PC game on a Switch than my PC where other larger more hardware demanding games tend to take priority.

So the Switch became a moderate success for my household but not for the reasons I expected when I purchased it a few years ago. We hardly ever play it docked since a One X just provides much more technical power and visual fidelity than gaming on the weaker Switch. We don’t even play that many first party Nintendo games on it. Between a PC and an One X the Switch gets the least attention, but the portability factor saves it from become almost forgotten.

So certainly a moderate success, but not something that radically altered my hobby or gaming habits. It did prompt me to sell my Vita and 3DS so there’s that.

That’s too bad. I’d hoped for a better showing. It’ll be interesting to see if the launch gap in performance holds true.

The new console generation has started and the numbers articles are coming in!

Last month’s console sales show something like the following:

Playstation 5 came in first.
Nintendo Switch comes in second.
And presumably Xbox comes in dead fucking last.

Technically the Xbox did so poorly the new Xbox consoles didn’t even warrant a single brief passing mention in the following shitty, incomplete article, which is why we can only presume it came in last place. But hey, at least new Xbox Controllers ranked somewhere in the top 10.

Oh, and they’ve got a list of 20 of the top selling boxed games for the month. I see lots of Playstation exclusives. Lots of Nintendo exclusives. But I don’t think I see a single Xbox exclusive. What a poor showing all around for sad old Microsoft.

I would imagine that’s more a report on how much supply was delivered to the UK, rather than each console’s popularity. Which could end up meaning the same thing in the long run, but for now it means very little to me.

This article is largely pointless, given that we know both consoles seemed to sell out. So really the sales are merely an indicator of supply constraints, not actual demand, correct?

It’s not entirely pointless; it doesn’t reflect much about what the consumers prefer if both systems are selling out everything MS and Sony can supply, but if supply constraints make things lopsided that could still affect the trajectory of this generation. If Sony makes it through the holidays with an enormous lead in installed base, that could have ramifications no matter the cause. But also yeah one month doesn’t tell much of the story yet.