Multi-platform Game Comparisons - Console Wars Redux

I don’t really care which console is ‘winning’ or ‘losing’ any given generation. I think I often play on the ‘losing’ console of each generation out of sheer luck, lol. I owned the PS3 when the 360 dominated the discussion and friends lists and the Xbox One when the PS4 and Switch were all the rage. I had a grand time on both despite whatever perceived rankings. :-)

Also God forbid people constantly talk about the value of Game Pass in the Xbox and Game Pass threads! The horror.

So I think you mistook my intention in your rush to rank consoles. It’s all good though.

  1. The gamepass service might not interest you or be “indispensable” to you, however the fact is for many people, including myself, it is an indispensable service and seeing as Microsoft is pushing hard on it they obviously feel it’s "indispensable to their success on the console. I literally only bought the Xbox because of gamepass.

  2. Other than maybe shareholders, who cares which company is “winning” or “losing”. They are all selling a ton of consoles/games right now and making a ton of money so really they are all “winning”. We as gamers reap the benefits of this competition, I don’t understand why people have this desire to see one lose.

It’s never been about my favorite device winning or losing. As you and others are so fond of pointing out, many of us own all the machines. I can’t justify a Series X now and I think the Series S is a joke that should never been released, but regardless, I still enjoy some Microsoft games and have used and enjoyed the Game Pass service. I own an Xbox One, 360, OG Xbox and have extensive libraries on each except One where they just plain lost the plot. It’s documented right here on this board.

The discussion about which machine is most successful is interesting on its own merits but also because success indicates support, which consoles must acquire or deliver via first party software to be successful. Again, that in itself is a good discussion and debate where Microsoft, until deciding on acquisition, was way behind their competitiors.

Because you want to ignore this discussion or make it into a juvenile attack on myself is exactly why I asked for a thread like this to contain the discussion. There are people here at Qt3 with vested interest in Microsoft being seen positively. It causes industry discussion to have a green slant, which is odd considering actual market conditions. I comment on that too because it’s far from reality.

I very much doubt that this is true. I can’t speak for others, but I have no illusions about Microsoft being a distant 2nd in the Xbox One generation (though ahead of the Wii U). There’s a difference between thinking that the Game Pass service is indispensable to us or to me and the actual fact of sales success. Sure, I/we hope that the value of the service we see will translate to other people and be a sales success as well, but I don’t think anyone is under any illusions that Microsoft is coming from behind here and is likely to end up in a distant third if the Game Pass strategy doesn’t work and if the moment of the Xbox One carries forward they will in fact end up in third.

But there’s a difference between that, and hoping that this is not the case, so that the console space remains competitive and all 3 console makers keep contributing their own unique contributions to the space.

I think it’s pretty clear at this point that Switch will win this generation, and that Sony will be just fine. The question is, will Microsoft also be successful enough? We hope so, and we share what we love about it.

I think this is a very worthwhile sentiment. I don’t want to see any of the three major console manufacturers get knocked out or fall to a wholly non-competitive position. We have seen enough hardware or ecosystem consolidation in other markets and I want each of the big three here putting market pressure on the others.

While Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft are all essentially competing for the same pools of limited attention and money they each seem to be brining or marketing different models this generation which is refreshing.

Indeed. :-)

Ok, define ‘support’. See, I see this as just more FUD. To set a baseline here, everyone understands that 1st- and 2nd- party titles are locked on a platform, right? And yeah, last-gen, Sony did better at that. Of course, MS is also criticized for buying their way into the 1st-party thing, but we’ll just leave that aside.

So that leaves 3rd-party stuff. You’re trying to imply that somehow, folks who buy an Xbox are going to be missing out on third-party releases because the console is unpopular … which is kind of ludicrous? Nearly everything comes out on both platforms. Especially stuff that a low-info buyer would care about (which is literally no one on this board)- everything big is on both, sometimes with a small exclusivity window on one side or the other, but even that’s rare these days. To support this notion, you were going on about how Sony and Nintendo both had the most units sold, or made the most money in the Xmas season… while ignoring that both Sony and MS were literally selling as many consoles as they could get out. They are both still supply-constrained. “Xbox just isn’t popular! MS has been trying this so long, I don’t know why they bother!”, trying to imply that there’s just piles of unwanted Xboxen on the shelves. It’s bullshit. That’s why I make fun of you, and your arguments. Because engaging them at face value is a suckers game, and just legitmizes them. Ain’t got time for that nonsense.

TLDW Xbox is less accurate at blurays compared to PS5. PS5 much closer to reference but still not 100%. Issue with Xbox seems to be outputting 10 bit RGB instead of that YRCD or whatever it’s called 12 bit color space.

It’s mountains out of molehills. Unless you’re specifically drawn to Sony 1st party games there’s little difference between the consoles as, let’s say, consoles mostly playing Ubisoft games. Much of the loyalty between Sony vs MS vs Nintendo is locked in and there’s nothing anyone can do. Sony can’t draw the family/casual/Mario gamers that flock to Nintendo likes bears to honey, and Nintendo isn’t going to be grabbing that sweet Call of Duty money of the Xbox crowd. At least not without a whole sea change of brand loyalty.

Thanks for telling everyone you won’t argue in good faith. Makes it easy for me to block you. Good bye.

There are close to 500 more total games available on PS4 than Xbox One. It’s library is roughly 18% larger in sheer number of titles to play.

Way to selectivity quote, Brad. Jeezus, some people…

Digital Foundry Division 2 next gen upgrade comparison.

I haven’t seen the video yet, but it’s nice to read that that the Xbox Series S gets all the visual enhancements of the Xbox One X, but at 60fps instead of 30fps, and a lower resolution target (900p to 1080p). Series X gets 60fps at 1800p-2160p. And PS5 gets 60fps at 1080p to 1890p. It sounds like there’s some bugs with the PS5 version that I’m assuming will get fixed.

Still, it’s pretty cool that the Series S, in this case, didn’t get the visuals of the Xbox One, but the enhanced visuals of the Xbox One X, but at double the frame rate. This is what I was hoping to see for most games for the Series S. Higher frame rate, but same visual features, and limit the resolution to 1080p.

Chip shortages (and, perhaps, implied, the low margin nature of consoles) due to stockpiling and preferential demand for smartphones has predictions being made that console shortages will last to the end of 2021.

I suppose this is the thread to make this observation. It always seems to me that prices are better on the Xbox store, and mostly not locked being having a Gold membership (though there are additional sales every week for those folks). Case in point this week- Sony is doing a Double Discount sale for those with PS+. Sounds great! But the prices are exactly the same for everyone on the Xbox store, with or without Gold, for the same games and bundles, so it’s a little disingenuous. For a while I was checking both stores every week to see if there was a deal on anything I wanted, and nearly always if there was a price difference, it was cheaper on the Xbone, so I just kind of stopped checking Sony- I really only did after a while in case there were any good VR games, but it turns out those very seldom go on sale. Meh.

I haven’t done a study on it, but just from casual observation, I’d say it can go either way. Sometimes I buy a game on the Xbox sale, and notice that it’s on sale on PSN the same week, but is much more expensive. But other times I’ve bought stuff on the Xbox sale and noticed it’s slightly cheaper on the subsequent PSN sale.

Mostly I stick to PS exclusives on the playstation, so it’s not really an issue for me either way.

Yeah, it was just a casual thing for me, too. And yup, mostly use the PS4 Pro for exclusives, too. In fact, this post was prompted by hearing Dreams was on sale, and that’s something I’d like to check out in VR. It was $15 ($10 with Plus), so I bit. But while browsing around I saw some stuff I’d noticed on the Xbox sale this week- Xcom 2 Collection and Borderlands 3, for example. And the non-Plus prices were crazy for being on sale, so I started doing comparisons using a non-logged-in browser on the Xbox site and confirmed it.

Yeah, when I’ve checked on a particular game I was interested in, it seems like the sale sticker price is the same on both platforms (which makes sense, since I assume it is set by the publisher). But the Xbox ecosystem winds up ahead on cost in at least three main ways for me (even aside from the value of Game Pass):

  • Constant trickle of rewards points building up in my account from searches, Game Pass quests, etc., automatically converting $10 worth of credit per month for “free”.
  • Rebates for major new releases and holiday sales that work out to ~10% back worth of points.
  • I wanted a full set of four controllers for couch multiplayer with the family. Doing that for PS5 would have been $210, since the controllers haven’t been on sale and you can’t use PS4 controllers on new games. XSX was $40 for a spare new controller during black friday sale, and then $0 to reuse two old-gen controllers that were lying around.

One thing I’ve noticed about both Xbox Live and PSN is that even though they have special sales for Gold Subscribers and PS+ subscribers only, those same games can be had for the same price or cheaper in other sales, and don’t require PS+ or Gold. For example, this week in the Games with Gold sale, you’ve got the Kingdom Hearts games for sale, and a bunch of others like Raji and Void Bastards and Warhammer: Martyr, but those same games were recently on sale as part of the Lunar sale just last week for the same amounts. Similarly, I was not a PS+ member for most of the life of the PS4, and I got games like God of War for $10, Uncharted Collection for $7, etc. Sure, those games were on sale at times for those prices only for PS+ members, but I got them when they were on sale for everyone, not just for PS+ members. So no biggie. No one should be getting these memberships just for sales. The sales come for these games all the time whether you’re a member or not. In fact, Uncharted Collection, I remember getting it for $7 in a general sale for everyone before it was on sale for PS+ members for $10. So I actually got a better deal than the PS+ deal that came later.

Indications of more Sony releases coming to PC.

This is about the PS4/One era of games but you’ll notice it’s a bit lopsided

The list

10 . Spider Man 2018
9 . Death Stranding
8 . Final Fantasy VII Remake
7 . Sekiro
6 . Resident Evil 2
5 . Horizon: Zero Dawn
4 . Ghosts of Tsushima
3 . God of War
2 . The Last of Us Part 2
1 . Red Dead Redemption 2

Honorable Mentions:

  • Forza Horizon 4
  • Arkham Knight
  • Witcher 3
  • AC Valhalla