Multi Touch Interface

Just wow…


[/B]Watch that first.

Then check this out.

I dunno what to even say except I want it and I want it now!

That’s awesome. Even just how cleverly simple some of the software they’re demoing is; I was particularly impressed with the photos he was moving around and then scaling in the elegance of that simplicity.

Can you imagine how awesome that would be as a game interface? Like, for an RTS, perhaps? Talk about a “hands on” experience…

It reminds me of Minority Report. I wonder if it’s powered by photon milk.

That’s the interface I want for Spore, dammit!

Edit: any idea what the music was? It sounded familiar, but I can’t quite place it.

“Who Am I” by Peace Orchestra, you’ve probably heard it on the Animatrix soundtrack.

leeloo dallas mutli touch!

Nope. But I’m hearing it right now on (thanks for the ID, though :)

Jeez. Something like an LCARS interface is sooo short sighted for such a technology!

I could finally learn how to scratch without having to buy a turntable and sound system!

The other place I’ve heard it was in Blockbuster, oddly enough. They played it over some of their ads going on the TVs while I browsed.

Which station?