Multiplayer + Darwinia = Multiwinia! (groan)

I happened to love Darwinia. The only thing missing was multiplayer, and now Introversion are doing just that. I never really got into Defcon - the premise was great, but it never got its hooks into me. But I reckon Darwinia has a lot more strategic depth - I prefer a more intimidate way of destroying my enemy. Pity about the silly name though.

Thread resurrect! Since this proved such a hot topic last time (apologies if there’s a longer thread somewhere, search isn’t working), and the game is out in a few days, it is time to point one’s attention to:

The cute explanatory vids for the game modes.

The cameo by the Companion Cube.

And the subs from DEFCON, reprising their role as DOOMBOATS OF DEATH.

The screenshots.


What I’ve played of it is gleeful fun so far.

Thanks for dredging up bad memories of my QT3 post that received zero replies, Pentadact! I was traumatised for days.

Oh hold on, there’s a reply now. I forgive you.

Really looking forward to it, would be a great deal even at $20.

The subs from DEFCON :D

demo is up for download

Is it multiplayer only, or is there a single player aspect, aside from the original Darwinia?

I think statistically, this game has more pew-pew per minute than any I’ve ever played.

all the modes are single player too it seems

damn the full game is only 50mb.

Bots to fill slots. They come in Easy, Normal or Hard. In the demo, I eventually found even Hard too easy, but in the full thing my ass is being FedExed to me on a platter by Mediums.

I did beat the two developers at Rocket Riot the other day, but it came after three consecutiuve dead-lasts in four player games. I think I fail at tactics on some of these modes.

Spectacular, lunatic fun though.

the formation stuff reminds me a little of shogun: total war

happy release day introversion

I’ve sunk my teeth in it a bit, and assault mode is ridiculously hard for the attacker. I’ve seen about 6 assault games up to now, and if you’re the defender it’s laughably easy, and once you’re the attacker, you don’t seem to have a chance. I see a big nerfing coming up with the first patch.

Though I have to say, I don’t like it as much as I wanted to like it. It’s a hell of a great game, but - I’m just not the RTS kind of guy.

I loaded up one of the assault maps in single player, and it seemed like more a puzzle thing than a competitive thing. I certainly couldn’t see any way of breaking in, except maybe by waiting around and hoping for a good crate powerup.

Great spin on RTS. The crate power ups can be totally crazy. Ant Hills on a spawn generator completely suck. Love the call back to DEFCON when you bring in a nuclear strike. Time limits keep things fast paced with power-ups preventing stalemates and providing the potential for comebacks. I’ll be playing a lot of this over the next few weeks.

It does that console-y thing where the camera focus is the cursor. Also simple controls and not-huge maps… is this thing headed for XBLA and/or PSN?

XBLA is the reason it exists: they wanted to put Darwinia on there, but Microsoft insisted on some kind of multiplayer.

No plans for PSN as far as I’m aware, though.

This is fun.

There’s plenty of games on XBLA with the only “multiplayer” aspect is an online leaderboard.

Not that I’m complaining. I’m having a blast just playing against the CPU and getting my ass handed to me more often than not on “normal” difficulty.

Enjoying the game here. Particularly like the capture the statue with the DW’s having to get enough together to lift the thing.

On a note - the strategy area on the official forums is worth keeping an eye on

Certainly would not have realised that armour also can act as a car bomb when terminated (I believe c key). Also troops in formation don’t use grenades, just basic fire - so although they are impregnable they’re not as devastating as troops out of formation. Worth mixing and matching to get a good combination.

Not yet played the assault mode but love being able to just play quick 10 minute sessions with this game.


I’m warming up to it. The better I get, the more fun I’m having. I’m even beginning to get the hang on the attacker role on assault. Now if there weren’t so many fatal synchronization errors on 3 and 4 player games I’d be in Multiwinia heaven.

None of which means that Microsoft insisted Darwinia have some manner of Multiplayer aspect before they’d have it on there.

I stress: Tom is quoting directly from what Introversion have said on the record.