Multiplayer pseudocheats

I have NFL 2K3 for Xbox (and Xbox Live). The other day, I played against a random neen, and the person chose the Packers, called a pass play on every play, dropped Brett Favre back at least 30 yards after each snap, and hurled the ball downfield.

That isn’t cheating, of course–just tiresome–but it got me browsing a few forums to see what other people are doing in NFL 2K3 to get records like 245-2 (the record of the current #1 player on the NFL 2K3 Xbox Live leaderboard). On one forum, the person who holds that record posted a detailed list of all the pseudocheats he uses in order to win so often.

I thought the “best” one was this:

Go offsides over and over until your opponent drops. This will give you the win.

How simple! In football, there is no penalty for continuing to go offsides, besides a Zeno’s-paradox-like advancement of the ball asymptotically closer to the goalline. This zealot punishes his opponent with water-torture until his opponent can stand it no longer.

It made me wonder what other diabolical pseudocheats others have run up against in other games. Any fun stories?

So this guy’s record doesn’t mean diddly because he doesn’t “really” play the game. Consoles may not have hacks but those type of tactics would be a pain in the ass. Give me a bunnyhopper any day.


I guess my question is why would you care that the #1 ranked person in Xbox Live for the game isn’t you? Sure it’s fine to play anonymous pick up games of Unreal Chapionship or MechAssault, but when I get to more complex games I play against my friends and people I know.

Hey, here’s my question.

Say in the real NFL: If you’re winning 20-18 with 3 minutes to go in the fourth quarter, on your own 10 yard line and it’s 4th down… why not just keep going offsides? Rather than punt and risk the score, wouldn’t it make sense to keep going offsides? Since coaches/QBs/offensive co-ordinators will abuse any convention (see: Dan Marino’s fake spike pass), there has to be a real rule against this.

I would assume it stops the clock, that’s how most of the stuff like that avoids the “cheap win”.

I guess my question is

If it stops the clock, I’d rather send a guy offsides than spike the ball on 3rd down. The 5 yards is worth it.

Penalties work the same way in NFL 2K3 as they do in real life. However, can you imagine the Raiders going offsides over and over and over, hoping that the Titans will get tired and quit? That tactic only works in the game.