Multiple consoles -- furniture/shelving suggestions?

So I just ordered a component switch and the appropriate cabling so’s I can route my DVD player, PS2, XBox, and Gamecube into my TV simultaneously, without having to futz around in the cabling rats nest in back. Got me thinking, though – now I want to pull my NES, SNES, Ultra-Pong, and 3DO out of their old boxes and hook 'em all up too (through a cheapass radio shack a/v switch). And, who knows, I may start watching eBay for some of the other older systems I sold, gave away, or never bought in the first place.

The issue: currently, my TV sits on a small stand that holds my receiver, TiVo, DVD player, and VCR; the consoles are on the floor on either side of the unit. With just a PS2, it’s great; is messier now that I’ve added the Xbox and Gamecube, and will devolve into utter chaos if I actually go ahead and set up all the other older stuff too.

I suspect I’m not the only on this forum who has a half-dozen gizmos hooked into his A/V setup. Those of y’all with multiple consoles, etc, what sort of furniture/shelving are you using? Any good suggestions? I’m trying to come up with something that looks decent, isn’t hideously expensive, and is sturdier than a cluster of milk crates.

Excuse me, but this is a computer games forum… ;)

If that’s the actual stand you have, I would recommend building a pair of narrow book shelves using wood painted black and some pipes you can get at any home improvement store. They’re easy to put together, you can make sure you have exactly as much storage as you need, and they’ll look good standing on either side of your current stand.

Good Lord, that’s some Bob Villa shit for your ass.

I have a unit similar to this, that apparently they don’t make any longer:

Actually, the one I have is between that one and this one:,468

That second Ikea one would be 'bout perfect, if I only lived anywhere near an Ikea.

So, think I’m gonna go with these Qbits thingies, which you can apparently get a Target for $16 a pop. Think stack o’ milk crates, except they’re wood cubes instead. And you can get 'em with doors to stash away your extra controllers and whatnot.

… and thus we bring a dreadfully boring thread to a close :)