Multiple File Renaming Utility

I’m running Vista, and need a utility to rename multiple files in one shot. I hate hunting down my pictures when they are named IMG00001.JPG, IMG00002.JPG etc. The utility that has served me faithfully in the past doesn’t grok Vista. Any recommendations? I don’t need something super powerful with a regex up the wazoo. I usually just name my pictures as rootname-XX.JPG where the xx is a sequential number.

I used something called GREN once. It’s freakin’ killer. It can even do find/replace on a single character through multiple subdirectories. It’s more powerful than god, once you know how to harness its power.

Rename Master is a great little utility that I’ve been using for years for batch file renaming. No issues to speak of running it in Vista either.

I used to use “Oscar’s Renamer” – clumsy, but still better than using Windows. I’m sure there are lots better tools, but this is one that we happened to already have a license for.

Ctrl-A, F2, <newnamehere>, enter. Bonus points for the apparently random way in which it numbers the files.

Yeah. Like what the fuck? But I don’t like the parantheses it uses on the numbers. It’s ugly and horrid.

I’ll check out the other reco’s when I get home and get a chance to download them. Rename Master looks like what I’m after because I fall into the category of “Anyone that has worked with websites, file archives, or collections of music, videos, or pictures has probably spent way too much time renaming hundreds of files.”

I checked out Rename Master. Alas, the right-click which is a feature I find tremendously handy blows up good. Real good. After some application of Google-fu, I came across Bulk Rename Utility which despite an imposing interface of options, is fairly simple to use once you realize you can ignore all the fancy schmancy features.