Murder aboard a home-made sub


In other words, he probably raped her and then killed her while she was still on the sub, then tossed her body hoping the sea would erode the evidence. Negligent manslaghter will not be enough years in prison for this crime.


I mean, assuming your made-up theory is what happened?


That’s just the charge at this time. If they find her body or more evidence aboard the sub, that might change. Him scuttling the sub tells me there is more evidence on board.


If it was truly an accident, there is still the egregarious disrespect to this woman’s family of lying multiple times in multiple ways of her being alive, then being deceased, then dumping her off the sub like bad food. Denmark isn’t like the American justice and prison system where you’re thrown in a hole with an equal chance of being innocent and guilty so a for-profit coorporation can mint funds off the misery of others. It appears eminently more fair and rehabilitative that would negate the need for someone like this to lie about a true accident. This would leave two things to speculate on, as mentioned above. Both horrible. I do see your point in not jumping to conclusions which is never wise.


I find it unlikely it was an accident. You don’t toss the body overboard and scuttle the ship when you see a government ship approaching if it was an accident. And you don’t initially lie about it either.

The question is if they can get a conviction without evidence beyond the guy’s actions. That’s what it may come down to.



I’m so sorry for her :/. Guys really are f’ing pigs on the whole. (And I say this as a guy).


The ante are so constantly upped in this insanity, I am expecting for a kraken to show up now. Dear Lord.


So if this is her body, she wasn’t buried at sea? How does her body get from the submarine to land? He docked, took her body out, and then went sailing again?


From the article, it looks like it was found on the edge of the water, after washing up to shore.


If I’ve learned anything from being addicted to true crime shows, it is that both sexes can be heartless at times. We just generally choose different methods to off each other if/when it comes to that. Yes, men kill more. But as a whole, no, we are not pigs. They don’t kill each other nearly as often.


Starting around 1:50 or so. . . :)



This guy might be a true psycho. He sent this text back in 2008:

“There is a curse on Nautilus. That curse is me. There will never be peace on Nautilus as long as I exist,” he wrote. “You will never have a good feeling inside the submarine … do not throw more lifeblood into that boat.”


Hearing that headless torso was dismembered by tools.


Eh, let’s be honest here. Think of all the horrible things happening in the world today. Now magically have all men disappear. How many of those horrible things are still happening?


You missed my joke a little. To clarify:

The joke is that pigs are more respecting of life than we are.


Oh, i see, you’re right! I wasn’t sure who “they” were. Now that we’re bros let’s go hunting together and kill some shit.


Amen. Pig killin’, obviously. I need more bacon in my life.