Murder aboard a home-made sub


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The Ghostbusters remake still gets made.


Ok the other hand, no Uwe Boll.


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Danish police have now confirmed that the torso found is that of the missing journalist. This story just gets darker and darker.


Indeed, investigators have consistently found that short of criminal activity, men exhibit more frequent and more extreme levels of physical aggression with one exception: in domestic disputes, as we will see, the tables are often turned. In a 2004 mathematical synthesis of 196 studies (known as a meta-analysis), psychologist John Archer of the University of Central Lancashire in England found that men are more physically aggressive (by various measures) than women across all ages, with the difference peaking between the ages of 20 and 30. This sex difference extended to all 10 countries Archer examined, which included the U.S., Finland, Spain, India, Japan and New Zealand. Interestingly, researchers have found men to be more physically aggressive in their mental lives as well. Compared with women, men harbor more frequent and enduring homicidal fantasies, more often think about enacting revenge against their enemies, and report more physically aggressive dreams.


This whole thing is horrible. Peter Madsen was a somewhat well known person, and I have read a number of his postings on the Engineering site he frequents, and while he always seemed a bit like someone wanting to seem larger than life, he was also an intelligent, capable person,which is not my first suspect in the kind of horrible case this is turning out to be.

The grisly story is pretty much all everyone talks about - this is not something that is ordinary in any way here in Denmark, not the least because it reads more or less like a fantastic crime story.

My thoughts and prayers are with that poor girls family, and everyone affected by this whole mess.


I have friends who are still trying to explain his innocence, saying it could have been an accident, maybe he panicked. I’m sorry but he has used up all the trust he could have gotten. This is a horrible crime and my sympathies go to the girl’s family. There’s no excuse for this.

Alas, Peter now has a comfy Danish prison stay to look forward to.


Are there other missing person reports from the past 10 years in Denmark that could be explained by people being abducted then “disappearing” off his sub? The quote I wrote earlier bespokes a person who’s had dark, evil things filling his thoughts for a long time. Worse, maybe this isn’t the first violent crime he’s committed:

“There is a curse on Nautilus. That curse is me. There will never be peace on Nautilus as long as I exist,” he wrote. “You will never have a good feeling inside the submarine … do not throw more lifeblood into that boat.”


Answered my own question:

On Wednesday, local media reported that Danish police said they would look into whether unresolved past cases could be connected with Wall’s case. In 1987, the torso of a Japanese tourist was found in the waters of Copenhagen harbour.

Also not written about in this thread yet, he had tied weights to her torso to try and make sure gasses wouldn’t float her body for discovery. That is not burial at sea - it is an active attempt to hide the body. It seems very likely he’s done this before.


I’m pretty cutting off her head removed any possiblity that it was “merely” burial at sea. Was there any doubt, with or without the tying of weights, that that part of the story is complete BS? As to your further speculation, I see no reason to conclude “very likely” that he’s done this before.


Has the body been positively identified as the reporter?


Yes. I read that somewhere.


As Neal mentioned, he has friends still trying to claim the guy is innocent, this was just an accident. I’ve seen several posts as well claiming he just “over-reacted” to a slip, fall, and death even though he cut her head off (I know, who could make that leap?). Anchoring the body information should put the last 1% who thinks this was an accident and “over-reaction of fear” to rest.

I’m curious @Stepsongrapes - why else do you think he would write something as ominous as he did 9 years ago? I’m not arguing, I’m just curious what would precipitate such an odd (and ominous) foreshadowing type statement from him.


If someone is willing to defend cutting her head off as merely “a panicked reaction”, anchoring the body ain’t going to change their mind. Once you enter cutting the head off land, stuff like a few weights is small potatoes. Both are clearly deliberate actions. You don’t accidently cut off a head. There’s no world where you say “yeah, he cut of her head, but he didn’t weigh down her body, so let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.” You either make excuses for the decapitation or you don’t.

What is the context of the post? Are you fixating on “lifeblood”? To me, that could read as an overdramatic way of saying “This damn sub is a moneypit. I’m wasting my life/money working on it because I’m obsessed with it. Don’t do the same.”


I’m not sure the “active attempt to hide the body” is necessarily inconsistent with the over-reacting-to-an-accident theory. I mean, I don’t believe it, but unless he confesses surely his lawyers will argue that he panicked after the supposed accident and tried to hide the body and any DNA on the boat.


If that’s “panicked” for that guy, I’m picking him for my Zombie Apocalypse team. I mean, I’d also be sleeping with one eye open, but mother-fucker’s a planner!


Maybe I’ve watched too much film noir recently.