Murder aboard a home-made sub


That curse quote isn’t as dramatic in danish, as it sounds in English. Not that I have any idea why he said it, though,


This is why I asked as that is indeed a good example/interpretation.


Daaaaamn. Well then, let me grab my pitchfork.


The authorities will work on motive, which would fall in line with the “why” of that behavior. At least in the US, they will flood a jury with as much as possible to propose that the answer is he is a murderer versus she had an accident and he freaked out.

This is such a strange case, in a sad way, this is made for either a TV special or movie.


Hey maybe we’ve got the answer to all those feet that keep washing up on local shores!


Now that was a fascinating read, thanks for that link!


Err… I am no @Chappers, but this doesn’t seem to add up.

It’s too bad the best part of the excerpt was cut off:


Did this happen on Dominic DaVinci’s watch?




It looks like they are now upping the charges to murder and corpse mutilation, according to CNN. If this guy is guilty and it is looking like he is, I hope he burns in hell for this.


Seems like the evidence for foul play is fairly overwhelming – I just hope we get some type of motive or explanation for his actions.


Madsen’s testimony was read out in Copenhagen City Court by the prosecutor, Jacob Buch Jepsen.

In it he explained that Kim Wall died at around 22:00 on the evening of August 1, reports DR Nyheder.

Wall allegedly died after being struck by a hatch cover weighing 70 kilos. Madsen explained that you have to go up to the bridge to steer the submarine.

He raised the hatch and Wall was below him in the submarine and they agreed that she should come up. Suddenly, he slipped on the platform and the hatch fell and hit her.

Afterwards, Madsen could see she was badly hurt and was probably dead. He then explained that he went into a state of shock because one of his crazy experiments had been the cause of someone’s death.

Madsen then decided to sail out into deep water in the Sound and end it all, but changed his mind and instead decided to dispose of Wall’s body at sea.


So, his story has changed at least once. He claims he didn’t dismember her, he dropper her into the water whole, but weighed down. The coroner’s report should have some data to verify things one way or the other. And he needed a nap?
This smells fishy as hell, still.

In court, Madsen denied having amputated her limbs and said he dropped her “whole” body into the water, several hours after her death, after having a sleep because he was “tired and exhausted”.

He admitted that he wanted to “bury her at sea” by attaching metal to the body in order for it to sink.

“I had no contact with the body and didn’t want a dead body in my submarine,” Madsen told the court. “I put a rope around her feet to drag her out of the hatch,” he said, adding that he was crying during this operation.

“I am suicidal at this stage (and) thought a fitting end for Peter Madsen would be on board the Nautilus,” he said. “I was in a condition where I decided I couldn’t continue the life I had been living.”

He changed his mind, he said, because he wanted to see his wife and three cats.


Three cats: “Hey, don’t drag us into this!”


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Also three cats: “wait … did you say nap?”


Or that people with their own personal submarines are crazy. Hell, there might be a 1:1 correlation there. Small sample size, admittedly.


Buch-Jepsen said during Tuesday’s court hearing that several stab wounds had been found in Kim Wall’s chest and abdomen. Fourteen stab wounds were found in the lower abdomen area, according to news agency Ritzau’s report of Buch-Jepsen’s statement.

The injuries were sustained “around the time of death or shortly afterwards”, according to the report.

The arms, legs and head appear to have been removed from the body by sawing, Buch-Jepsen said.

According to the prosecutor, investigation of the case has also led to a hard drive, probably belonging to Madsen, on which videos are stored showing executions of women by hanging and burning.


What a swell guy!


so she fell onto his knife, I guess?