Murder Marriages

My wife sent me this link, to a story about killing women so they can be ghost brides. I have no idea what message she is trying to send me, but it’s an odd story…

$1500 to buy a Chinese woman, huh? At some point that would become more cost effective than hiring a maid.

The poor people of China have always been fucked up. I can see why they supported Mao.

What single man doesn’t dream of having a bunch of pissed-off women waiting for them in the afterlife?

“I did it for the money; it was a quick buck,” Yang said, according to the paper. “If I hadn’t slipped up early, I planned to do a few more.”

Reading someone accused of a crime saying something like that is kind of refreshing to me. Just an out and out admission of guilt. How sad is that?

You have nothing to lose when you have no presumption of innocence or trial by just. Admiting it early just ends the torture interrogation more quickly.

Of course, the paper is also state-run, so anything he said is what the state says he said…whether he said it or not.

“Refreshing honesty” indeed.

I’m confused. Young men are paying for dead women? That makes as much sense as… well… centipedes.

Or are the men dead too? In which case, who uses the corpse?!

Unlike us silly westerners, Chinese men have enough sense to provide for themselves in the afterlife. You think heaven is just gonna have wiling women waiting for you? Hell no, unless you get it done no one is gonna do it for you.

So families buy the dead women to marry to their dead son so he’ll have a wife to care for him in the afterlife.

I’m sorry, but when I’m kicking it in the hereafter with my ultimate gaming rig and wall’o’consoles, the last thing I want is some strange woman nagging the shit out of me to stop gaming and come pay attention to her. I think I’d come back and haunt my family for sticking me with that for all eternity.