Murder On The Orient Express (2017?)


You think it’ll still be in theaters on Christmas? Not trying to be snarky about the quality; just that there’s a lot of movies coming out before then.


If she lives in a major metro area, there are a lot of huge theatre complexes with 10 or more screens. It will probably still be showing somewhere. Heck in my area Blade Runner 2049 can still be found on the big screen. That one was released 7 weeks ago and has underperformed.


It’s a pretty Christmassy movie too, or it would be in the UK. They usually show Poirot on TV on bank holidays. And it has snow.


Also, I think she said she lived in a Scandinavian country, so it might not get to her local theater until next year.


I live in Scandinavia, yeah, and we too love mysteries for Christmas :) The movie premieres tonight actually, so I’m pretty sure it will still be running at theatres in a month.


My experience was similar to @jsnell’s. I find myself wondering what the point of this movie was. It was okay, but it felt pretty pointless.


Just came back from this. It’s not my kind of movie at all, and I knew that going in. Fortunately, I am not the only one who chooses movies in our movie going group so there I was.

I really like the detective character. Watch him think and interact with others made the movie enjoyable enough for me. The coloring in the movie seemed really crisp, really bright and actually gave me a light headache. Apparently they shot it in 65 mm which makes it look… well different enough for me to notice. The acting, the characters… I really enjoyed them overall but the mystery part, where maybe I was supposed to try and figure who done it… not sure if that was the point or that it realistic to really do but… really if this is the kind of movie someone likes, I think they did a good job with it. It was certainly better than Sherlock Abominable Bride, which I really disliked despite like the show.