Museum security screws up copyright law & museum policy

Perhaps he’s a regular reader of QT3 forums?

I dearly hope this two-day-old new items hasn’t been discussed ad nauseum in the, say, Games forum. I did a search for all terms on “museum security guard asshole” and it came up with nothing.

I really don’t think copyright law prohibits notebook sketches. Though who knows.

Is Picasso a college rule or wide rule kind of guy?

Not much to discuss, some random security guard thought the paintings were copyrighted when they weren’t.

The paintings are simply too old to be a copyright.

Why is this even a news article?

Thought it was funny, given the debate on copyright and IP law in other threads. I don’t doubt the security was wrong, though.

In any case, would copyright prevent me from sketching Mickey Mouse while I’m at Disneyworld? I seriously doubt it.

I’m sure it’s just another security guard power-tripping.