Mush - The Thing (back) in space

I just read this article on rockpapershotgun. It describes a browser based (ugh) game where up to 16 players are crew members on a ship that’s humanity’s last hope for whatever reason. Where it grabbed me is that 2 of these crew are shape shifting aliens bent on infecting the remaining crew. Between all of this sneaking around and absorbing people the crew needs to preform tasks to keep the ship running.

That’s about all I’ve gotten so far, and I’m eager to check this out. It sounds like a pared down version of the chameleon scenario from Space Station 13 so I’m all ears.

Tom M

Also sounds like a digital version of a boardgame called Panic Station.

Panic station is exactly what I was thinking about as well. It’s a little cruder and there were some big problems with the rules on release but I love the mood of the game. My best memory is making it to the control room to do a thermal scan, a census of the infected vs. non players, and finding out that I was the only human left. Priceless.

I still haven’t tried this mush thing out. I like the aesthetic but I don’t know of the pay to win, buy action points will ruin it. I have the feeling it probably does but I can keep hope alive a little while longer.

Tom M