Music I haven't seen get much love here

These are a few groups I haven’t heard much about here. Each of them has at least one or two killer albums you would do well to hear, but probably haven’t.

Her first album (Breath from Another, a hazy dreamy spanish guitar and synth filled ballad album) is supremely better than the second (some generic sounding r&b stuff with attitude)

Harvey Danger:
They gave away one of their albums (Little by Little) for free online a few years ago, and this is when I discovered them. They are sort of like a cross between Ben Folds Five and and umm… Okay they pretty much just sound like Ben Folds Five.

They only have one real album out (Get Some) since their lead singer was killed an a car accident, along with the band’s mascot, bull dog. I saw them and System of a Down open for Suicidal Tendencies about twelve years ago. They play aggresive funk/nu-metal type music with coarse screaming – and this doesn’t really do their sound justice. The vocal styles (screaming/ loud aggesive singing), although a turn off for some, are very well done here. The guy had tons of talent, as did the entire band.

They have a second album out with a slew of guest singers, as it had pretty much been completed except for the vocal tracks when Lynn Straight had died – but if you want the real experience check out “Get Some” first, and ignore the latest demo’s floating around with the new vocalist they’ve been trying out, they aren’t the band they were.

Tsunami Bomb:
They’re sort of like Green Day, but with a female vocalist and topics covering vampires, zombies, Lemonade and Irish Boys. Check out the single Lemonade or El Diablo to get a taste of their sound. Unfortunately they split recently. An odd fact about this particular band, they went through so many line-up changes over their 7 year history that the last line-up they had were performing songs (certain fan favorites) that were written and released before any of them had even been in the band. A couple of their members went on to form The Action Design, a popier less (green dayish) ‘punk’ version of Tsunami bomb.

These kids are some up and comers I’m expecting to break out any day now. Some have compared them to Megadeth, but I’d lean towards more of a Testament-like sound. Although not as overtly aggressive or bloodthirsty as old standbys like Slayer these guys can can hold their own in the speedy thrash-metal metal world, but don’t let that singular label define them. I’ve heard some music from these guys that comes off as almost country, they certainly aren’t afraid to experiment . With any luck they’ll be around for a long time to come.

They don’t have much of a catalogue, but they’ve got a great E.P. out called Garage Days Re-Visited full of cover songs. It’s pretty good if you like covers.

*Ben Folds, you mean. They sound like him, except less pretentious. The free album is definitely worth a listen.

Was Emiliana Torrini popular last year in any country other than Australia? Listen to the loud song on her quiet acoustic album.

I don’t understand this correction. I haven’t listened to Harvey Danger since the late nineties/early oughts, but they definitely sounded more like BFF than Ben Folds’ solo work.

I heard this band called Nickelback the other day. Their songs are generally alright but kinda sound the same.

I was about to play along with the joke but now I don’t know if you’re joking.

You do realize Megadeth came about after/because Metallica kicked Dave Mustaine out?


Bonus Hint:

The first Esthero record is absolutely incredible. Heaven Sent is probably my favourite track but the whole record is worth a listen. Of course, I’m a sucker for anything that fuses elements of rock and trip-hop. It’s dance music for people who hate dance music.

She parted ways with her writing partner between her first and decidedly weaker second album, which boasted a small number of standout tracks and a largely forgettable second half. My favourite track was “We R In Need of a Musical Revolution”, which was catchy on its own, but when your lyrics bemoan how you’re tired of listening to the “same old shit” and calling out Ashanti, Britney, and R. Kelly… the rest of your album better deliver, and Wikked Lil’ Grrrls doesn’t.

Breath From Another, however, is so good that you can even forgive Esthero for being the whole reason that Fergie has a career.

I’ve been getting back into NiN the past few months… and I actually think Year Zero and the Slip are some of the best stuff from NiN since like the Broken or Downward Spiral stuff.

I actually prefer NiN over Radiohead when it comes to the existential dreary stuff these days… something about Reznor and being completely insistent about the end of the world… he seems to really take the stuff in earnest… with a hint of irony. he’s an old throwback of industrial grunge, and doesnt give up. kinda cool to me imo…

I don’t get the OP at all. The rest of it seems earnest (although how he could have avoided Harvey Danger’s Flagpole Sitta I don’t know) so it’s hard to know if the lack of knowing the history of Megadeth is intentional or not (I would go for not, based on the rest of post, but who knows).

Exactly! I mean, how do I know this isn’t some young kid who thinks Metallica’s first album is Load? (Which I award 3 Nicklebacks)

Said kid should go back and listen to And Justice For All and Master of Puppets. In fact, I think I am going to do that RIGHT NOW.


Forget it, QT3. It’s kerzain.

I’m a huge fan of Snot. There are very few nu metal albums that really hold up today, but Get Some is definitely one of them. Snot is THE band that opened me up to the lesser known nu metal scene (at the time). I still remember the first time I listened to them when a friend gave me a promo tape with Stoopid on it and it just blew me away. I got to see them twice before Lynn Strait died… one of my favorite shows ever was Soulfly/Snot/Incubus/(hed)pe at a small club.

Personally I’d much, much rather listen to a metal band that actually plays metal, and who’s idea of innovation doesn’t involve bad Misfits covers or orchestras. Like Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, for example. Those guys really don’t get enough love. Here or anywhere.

In fact, I think I am going to do that RIGHT NOW.



Speaking of which, me and a couple of friends are going to New York in a couple of weeks and the only thing on our itinerary so far is Mohumbhai and Son (they get it done!) and the New Zealand consulate building.

I liked Flagpole Sitta, but I think that’s the only Harvey Danger song I know.

Chopin needs more love, by the way.

Mazurka c sharp minor Opus 63 #3


Vanessa Mae is another one that is relatively obscure, at least to the people I ever try to talk to about her.

I first heard of her back in '95 or so. Her pop music initially started off as a fusion of her extraordinary Violin playing set to various types of synth dance beats. Later albums infuse some Spanish guitar and other orchestral elements, even Opera – and worldly numbers that remind me of the type of song you’d hear opening an Olympic Ceremony or Civ IV.

She can really shred too, I’m a huge fan of speed metal, and when she really gets going she brings out the head-bobbing in my usually reserved for stuff like 80’s thrash. I love her work, and I think the best of her work is on her album Storm, because the synth sounds much less synthy than the heavy-handed Casio keyboard sounds of her first album The Violin Player.

Probably my favorite song of hers (right now) is her rendition of:
Bach Street Prelude. This song alone is worth the price of admission.

As for my statement about Metallica, well… I guess it was cruel of me to tag it on to the end there, because dry humor is best left to The Onion or The Daily Show and not simple people like me.

You know who rocks harder, better, and more completely than anyone mentioned here?

Guitar Wolf

Look I’m not going to defend modern Metallica. I’ll listen to arguments that everything after And Justice For All is rubbish. But they were totally awesome in their day, and you can’t deny that.

Well, I suppose you can, but you’d be wrong.

If I say Black Sabbath doesn’t get enough love around here, is that metal enough for you? Their first album, beginning to end, is amazing. Perfect album, imo, one of those rare gems that doesn’t have a single track you skip.

I haven’t heard Beginning to End, but I love Paranoid.