Music I haven't seen get much love here

I call shenanigans - there’s only five tracks on the CD release. Skipping one would be like skipping a track on Wish You Were Here - you miss half the record.

Not to harsh on Black Sabbath too much, though, because their first three records are some pretty excellent classic rock. Their problem was that after they finished that third record (and they did all that in two years), they sort of put on their cowboy hats and rode the nuclear bomb all the way down to Earth. Possibly Volume 4 is better - for some reason that’s the one that I don’t have, and it does feature Snowblind, but Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and Sabotage both quite literally put me to sleep, and after that Ozzie was off eating small animals on stage for his own gain and not so much for the group any more.

In Bands That Aren’t Metal: How come nobody around here told me that MF DOOM had a new record out? The man changes names every six months, so it’s not surprising I never found out about it before I just stumbled onto it, but still. And how come I had to find out about Movits! from Stephen Colbert?

Look I’m not going to defend modern Metallica.

Eh, the band evolves. Maybe you don’t like where they go sometimes but I think you have to give them credit for not cranking out the same album every 2 years. And Death Magnetic is really good, IMO.

You’re right, I can’t. It’s just the direction they took since then, makes me want to. Yes it’s ridiculous to resent a band. But is it so much worse than loving one?

If I say Black Sabbath doesn’t get enough love around here, is that metal enough for you?
Yes & no. It’s too old school for me. It’s a bit like Paul Cézanne. I can appreciate it, but I don’t like it.

Anyway, this thread (and Qt3) needs moar HC.

Tagada Jones

Highly political French Hardcore, and very upset that nobody is shaving Wales. Or something. And unlike Ozzy, I really like Niko’s ranting/singing.

Combien De Temps Encore?
Pavilllon Noir

All taken from their Le Feu Aux Poudres album, because it’s by far their best one IMO.

I’ve been listening to Chevelle lately, they remind me of Tool, only they aren’t as deep thinking and somewhat annoying like Tool can be. I suspect I’ll get murdered for posting this.

My favorite song of theirs:

Now that I think about it, this should be the theme song for QT3. And no one ever forfeits here. They just get beaten into a bloody mess and move on to the next thread.

Holy crap, I’ve never heard Chevelle before, but I haven’t heard of a vocalist so blatantly trying to sound like (a perfect circlish) Maynard since the guy from 10 Years.

The only thing that’s wrong with Metallica is that their fans have a sense of entitlement over what album they should make next. Which apparently should have been the same shit, frozen at the exact album through which fan x became aware of them. It’s a common problem, and unlike the Rolling Stones, they don’t deserve it.

In fact, the oft-repeated blablabla AND JUSTICE blabla argument is really just the lonesome whimper of someone who will never age as usefully as Metallica has and knows it.

New radiohead song. Download link in the description:

Silversun Pickups

Absolutely amazing band. Almost their entire breakthrough album, Carnavas, is available on YouTube in one form or another. - Panic Switch - Lazy Eye - Dream at Tempo 119 (my fave) - Three Seed - Rusted Wheel

OK, I just can’t stop gushing about this band. Or at least this album. It’s just phucking fenomenal! I haven’t been so excited about music since I was a teenager and first started discovering music - or at the very least my early 20s when I re-discovered Pearl Jam and somehow re-understood them as the mellow, thoughtful, deeper counterpart to Nirvana (which had formed such a huge part of my own youth), and later STP.

Silversun Pickups have always been one of those bands I never understood the love for. The singles I’ve heard always sound to me like the result of dumpster diving behind Billy Corgan’s house. (“Lazy Eye” is like “1979” after a couple of Red Bulls.)

Edit: Wow, their debut got 4 stars from Allmusic? Okay, that got my attention. Jakub, would you recommend them to somebody who didn’t like the singles, or is it a case of “if you didn’t dig on those songs, then the rest of the album probably won’t grab you either”?

Never heard Silversun Pickup before, didn’t quite expect that voice to come from that guy.

Number Girl - I’m told they are the Japanese Indie band. Wikipedia cites primary influences as The Pixies, Sonic Youth, and Hüsker Dü.

They’re technically old, and already broken up. But what the hell - they’re new to me and likely some of you, too.

Toumei Shoujo

And, here’s some industrious kid doing a great cover:
Inazawa Chainsaw

If we’re gonna talk Japanese indie, then let’s talk Guitar Vader. If you played Jet Grind Radio on the Dreamcast, then Magical Girl melted your face off with its catchiness.

Speaking from pure emotion, I’d recommend them to anyone who’s ever liked alternative/rock music. They have a very distinct sound that still fits into the genre while at the same time expanding it. They’re what Chevelle could have been, should have been.

I really can’t rationally talk about this band because I am just so freaking stoked about Carnavas.

But if you didn’t like Lazy Eye, Panic Switch, or Well Thought Out Twinkies, you just won’t dig the band.

I’m absolutely blown away by their music, and you know, it’s OK if you think they suck :)

As far as I’m concerned, almost their entire album is one giant awesome #1 single.

Kerzain, the lead singer is a chick. I want her to have my babies.

PS, like I said, all of Carnavas is available on YouTube if you look hard enough. It is the only whole album I’ve bought in 2009. After downloading it. Illegally. Then legally.

If the lead singer is a chick then I reeeaaaaly don’t know enough about the band to realize I’m being screwed with during the video when the bearded guy sings.

Well damn, apparently Brian is lead singer according to Wikipedia. But it sure sounds to me like it’s Nikki taking the lead. That’s what I get for missing the concert here in Edmonton.

I’m totally tripping out. I was sure he was backup vocals…

Hehe - I always try to be extra-special-diplomatic because, in my forum experience, “I think this sucks” is often misinterpreted as “I think YOU suck for liking them” and the only sensible response is blood feud.

Nope. Go ahead and tell me they suck.

Easily my favorite album of the past 5 years, if not the decade.

[quote=Jakub;1851519] They’re what Chevelle could have been, should have been.


Wait, are you saying Chevelle is good or bad?

Chevelle didn’t live up to my expectations. They could have been great, but they turned out to be… well… kinda meh-ish. There’s something about their songs that makes me want to hear them again, until I hear them again, and then I realize why I don’t listen to their albums straight through. Sort of the same problem I had with I Mother Earth after Edwin left.

I feel this way about P.O.D.

Often I’ll think, “Hey, I think I’ll put on P.O.D.” only to realize “Hey, I can’t tolerate any more of this” halfway through the second song.