Music I haven't seen get much love here

P.O.D.'s Bible-thumping annoyed me way before their music. Puddle of Mudd, on the other hand…

Chevelle’s debut album before they got signed to Epic (Point #1) was pretty solid. I still go back to it from time to time. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for them to lose their edge and go generic to make millions of dollars.


Haven’t made anything new in a couple of years, so perhaps it’s not so strange they aren’t front page stuff around here. Still, EA80 is one of the oldest punk bands still playing, and pioneered the sub-genre of punk that later malvolved into EMO. If 1st wave punk with a bleak streak is up your alley and you don’t know these guys already, you’re in for a very special treat.

Das kann das Leben nicht sein
Auf Wiedersehen

The entitlement thing: Metallica nurtured an image of being part of the metalhead subculture. In that was the implicit promise that they would never break from it. But they did. Greenday is in a similar boat. They were a DIY band, which precluded them from striving to become a massive commercial success. But they did. It’s that promise-breaking that aggravates people, not anyone’s sense of entitlement, justified or otherwise.

As for me being stuck in time, your conclusion is probably right, but the alleged fact you base your argument on isn’t one. Notice I mentioned APR in the post you responded to? They’re a German Metal band, whose starting point wasn’t very different from Metallica’s. Like Metallica, they’ve experimented and evolved greatly over the years. Admittedly I haven’t been a APR fanboy since the 80s, but I have since the summer of '96 - the first time I saw them. And I still am. Not that I can be extrapolated from (especially since I’m rather taken with Fuchs), but the point is they haven’t alienated their original fanbase. They just expanded on it.

Here’s a few APR vids that I think are fairly representative of the evolution of APR (but not their experimentation):

Terra Nola

This thread is worth necro’ing just to quote this for truth. Oh my God. I can’t sleep; I have Vanessa Mae stuck in my head.

I’ve heard mixed things about Death Magnetic. I used to be a big Metallica fan but nowadays some of their faster, harder stuff tires me. I always seem to be able to fall back on Ride The Lightning however. Any idea how much I would like Death Magnetic? Is it a continuation of what they started with St. Anger or more of a return to their roots?

If you can use you can listen to the album there. Most of it is being streamed.

There really aren’t that many blues fans on QT3 which is a bit disappointing as I discovered good Mississippi Delta blues a few years ago and wouldn’t mind talking about it.

If you want sorta like Maynard, but not as good, there is Earshot. Also, Living Syndication, somewhat.

Furthermore, I am pimping Hypnogaja in ever music thread I post in (which I guess is self-fulfilling).

i have never ever been able to get into the blues at all. i am a huge fan of that era of music and know that most of what i love from that era evolved from the blues, but i just cannot dissociate my intense dislike of the music itself.

Elizium by Fields of the Nephilim is one of my favourite albums of all time ever. I can listen to it pretty much indefinitely.

I’d also like to add that I find it a bit incredible that QT3 hasn’t gone wobbly at the knees for Flaming Lips’ Embryonic which I consider the best experimental album since Radiohead’s Amnesiac. It’s just such an incredibly rich listening experience.

It’s a return to their roots: long (sometimes overlong) songs with multiple riffs, a distinct lack of annoying thrash with tons of snare, a heavier, but more melodic sound. OTOH, it’s mixed like total shite, with overuse of compression and way too much loudness.

Those albums are “experimental” like mixing baking soda and vinegar is “experimental”.

I wish this board had a reputation system so I could give you a lot.

And those albums are experimental, if by experimental you mean basically pop-rock with some weird production flourishes. I actually really like “Embryonic”. There’s some catchy stuff on there. But yah, John Cage or Merzbow it ain’t.

Real experimental music is something of a headphuq.

Abney Park and Bodies of Water.

I’ve shared a bed with her.

… we were both sitting and I was asking questions and taking notes, but we did share a bed in her hotel suite. Her music is ok, I guess.
Clearly talented as hell, but it does nothing for me on an emotional level.

shit, i thought i knew the roots of emo inside out and i had never even heard of this. some definite emo riffage on that second link there. nice recommendation!

i really like this one:

reminds me of the hated.