Music I just listened to and just had to freaking share

I think it’s hard to be this authentically epic and melancholic for anyone who wasn’t born in Iceland

So I was waiting in the lounge yesterday, waiting for my turn to depart the cruise ship, when I heard this being played in the background. And I wasn’t the only one who noticed, because I saw other people stop talking and listen. It just seemed so fun and lighthearted. Thankfully, I figured it out, because trying to google for a specific cover of a nursery rhyme is hard.

Sometimes you just need a shot of the 60s in your veins:

“Just put the bullet in my head!”

Noah Kahan has been in continuous rotation on my playlists since last year. Really good folk album!

I need to get my 1975 Yairi acoutic out of pawn. It’s too good to let go.